Why Are All the Digital Nomads Flocking to Ubud? 2018.11.21


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With a target of 8.5 million tourists expected in Bali throughout 2018, this stunning corner of Indonesia is an attraction to wealthy travelers. However, they are not all coming to lie all day on a sandy beach. Instead, the small island has become a magnet to online professionals, who call themselves digital nomads. With its high speed internet and low living costs, the town of Ubud seems to have overtaken Chiang Mai as the digital nomad capital of the world. So why is this group of people, who can work from anywhere on the planet, choosing to make Ubud their base of operations?

Abundance of Coworking Spaces


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Although able to work from home, digital nomads often find it easiest to work from a public office. They need to stay in towns and cities which offer places where they can be as productive as possible. Ubud is full of coworking spaces, such as Hubud and Outpost, which offer beautiful spaces dedicated to working in teams.

Improving Internet and Infrastructure


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The internet across Bali may not be the best in the world, but Ubud is changing this. With the introduction of fiber optic cables in the area, this now offers a real chance for travelers to work on the road. Few other places in the region are as dedicated to the development of infrastructure as Ubud, and it is quickly becoming a convenient and easy place to set up an office.

Easy and Cheap Accommodation Options


Photo by Eirik Skarstein on Unsplash

Most expats in Ubud claim they can get by on less than $1000 a month, by living in cheap accommodation and eating local produce. This kind of lifestyle allows expats and tourists to work less hours, leaving more time for exploration and adventure activities. Accommodation is plentiful and can easily be booked online for the duration of a 30 day tourist visa.

A Healthy Approach to Life and Work


Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Ubud, much like the rest of Bali, balances hard work with relaxation and wellbeing. It is a center for vegan lifestyles and yoga schools, which appeals to many who adopt the digital nomad lifestyle. Ubud is described as Bali’s heart, with a heavy interest in the arts and religion, which possibly explains why it is so attractive to dynamic young creatives.

Ubud is a dream vacation destination, but it can also be so much more. A high standard of living on a low cost means that it is a great place to set up an online business. Digital nomads here find they can be productive, while enjoying a healthy work life balance.

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