White Water Rafting in Ubud at SOBEK ADVENTURE by Rai Rosita, Debby & Yuda. 2017.09.12

Review for Bali Super Pass superr

We reached the starting point of the river at 9:30 . The team at Sobek Bali were very professional, making sure that each step of the tour was easy and convenient for us. Their equipment and crew were some of the best we saw on the river that day. Since we drove to the starting point with our motorbike, they even arranged for one of their staff members to drive our bike to the end point so we didn’t have to worry about picking it up later on.


As soon as we were outfitted with the proper gear, we started the trek down to the river which was an easy walk down a very long flight of stairs (approximately 500 steps). The view during the trek down though, was definitely worth it! Green lush tropical valleys and winding steps, with birds chirping and fresh smell of the trees. The sun was quite gentle on the skin adding perfect nuances of tropical retreat.


When we arrive at the bottom, our guide gave us safety briefing and explained some do’s and don’t for our trip. There were just four people on the boat which was the maximum capacity for adult. 


Along the gorge, we saw a local family that set up their mini stall, selling drinks of fresh coconut and some snacks. This would be perfect before the trip so we tried a sip, which obviously quite a treat considering the freshness and of the coconut juice.

The Rafting trek was about 13 kilometers long with almost perfect weather, suitable for river adventure The River was clean with many trees standing tall on the river banks; an enjoyable view as we paddle our boat forward.

Ayung Rafting 5

Along some of the riverside, we saw carvings depicting the story of Mahabharata, an epic Hindu tales from India and other ancient folklores, which our guide happily filled us in with the story.

Halfway through, there was waterfall, but we decided not to get to close due to the building crowd, and we decided to simply pass it.


Although there are many white water rafting tour providers, Sobek Bali is indeed very well operated and organized. Their 25 years experienced speaks volume on their quality. A lot of the other providers simply stopped much earlier in the river, but Sobek Bali, being the pioneer in this service, chosen an ending spot which was right after some pretty exhilirating rapids.

After about two hours of paddling down the river, we finally reached our final stop.
Close to the finish line, staff of Sobek Bali took photos of us, which we can retrieve later (additional charge of Rp 200.000 rupiah for the photos)


We then began our ascend up the long flight of stairs as we headed to Sobek Bali’s garden restaurant. Clean showers available with towels for those that wanted to shower. Afterwards, we proceeded to eat our way through their delicious buffet of traditional Indonesian food.


All of the equipment provided such as: (Raft, Paddle, Lifejacket, and Helmet). Insurance coverage included and buffet lunch at their garden restaurant.

What to bring?

Swim gear, change of clothes, Rash guard (or a long sleeved shirt if you easily get cold) Sandals/wet shoes, Waterproof camera (trust us, the scenery definitely calls for it!)

Sobek Bali provided dry bags to safely store your belongings during the trip.

This adventure is a must try in Bali!. 

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