Watching Kecak Dance While Seeing Sunset at Uluwatu Temple 2018.09.28

Hello everyone!

We are internship student from Kanseigakuin university in Japan!

Last week, we went to Uluwatu Temple which was built on the cliff-top by Uluwatu Shuttle!


Uluwatu Temple is situated in the furthest south-west in Bali and a numen of an ocean is enshrined here. It is famous for the namesake landmark cliff, overlooking the Indian Ocean and magnificent sunsets, and Kecak Dance.

The more the sun goes down, the more beautiful the landscape gets. You can’t return to your home before seeing it!


Uluwatu Temple also famous as a habitat of monkeys and there are some signs “Be careful of monkeys”. The monkey in here quite naughty and they may steal your stuff, so we should keep careful and must pay attention to them!

At 6pm, it was getting dark slowly and Kecak Dance started.

For your information, you have to buy a ticket for the dance which sold on the front of Kecak Dance entrance. Uluwatu Shuttle doesn’t include tickets, so we was worried whether we can buy them by myself. However, the shuttle driver was enough kind to take us to the ticket booth and help us to buy them!


After buying our tickets, we were just waiting for the time to start while seeing beautiful sunset!

At first, we thought we couldn’t see the beautiful sunset because of the dance, but there was no obstacle to it!


Like the pictures, we could see the dance seeing the beautiful sunset which is going down to the horizon!

We really recommend this place!

Why don’t you go to such a romantic and exotic spot with Kura-Kura Uluwatu Shuttle?

Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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