Useful Health Information during Bali Vacation 2016.12.20

Besides packing the things you need during Bali vacation there is a very important thing to consider while you are on your vacation. How to stay healthy during vacation! Yes, it is good to search the health information before traveling to Bali. Below information will give you the guidance how to stay healthy during Bali vacation. !

Touching Animals 


Just a little reminder when you are traveling to Bali, to be careful in touching the Bali animals. In Bali you will see the Bali dogs or other animals in certain place but some of them are not vaccinating yet. The most health risk in Bali is rabies. Dogs are the main carriers but nowadays monkeys may also transmit the disease. The best way to avoid the rabies is you can avoid the street dogs, don't get too close to them and when you raise your hand as if you would throw something, they usually run away. This can be the priority concern for parents who bring their children you have to take a good care of your children when they getting contact with the animals. 



Another health risk in Bali is Malaria and Dengue Fever which is caused by mosquito but Malaria risk in Bali is very small and in the main resorts/hotels/villas the risk is close to zero. If you plan to visit the rural areas or countryside for a longer period, or do a mountain trekking you can take preventions the malaria prophylaxis. The best protection is not to get bitten by the mosquito, wear long sleeves, trousers when do a mountain trekking. While for Dengue Fever is like a flu illness. It can be very painful and for some cases can be fatal. Main symptoms are beside fever, aching joints and muscles, vomiting, severe headaches, nausea. The best prevention is the same way like Malaria prevention to not get bitten by mosquito or you can use the mosquito repellent before going to certain place. 



One of the common issues you will face during Bali vacation is about its hygiene consists of safe water and safe food. The local hygiene nowadays is getting better but you should consider on where you would like to have your meals. Trying the local foods is never gonna be wrong as well as the street foods, you can choose the clean one and enjoy Bali's local food. Don't forget to always wash your hand before eating and bring your own hand sanitizer if it is necessary during traveling. If so your Bali vacation will be safe from diarrhea. 

Bali Sunshine

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Bali is lucky indeed to have much warm and sunny days over the year and most of travelers don't realize it gives them serious risk if they don't use their sunscreen. Not only does a severe sunburn ruin your vacation as it makes you feel uncomfortable during traveling but also it will give you negative long term effects. You can bring your sunscreen before taking sunbathing or going outside to make your skin stay healthy. 

Traveling Tips: 

Before having your Bali vacation you should check on which vaccinations are required for yourself and the exact time when you will do that before your traveling date closer. Most of them will require 6-8 weeks before traveling. This recommendation is given to traveler individually as the past medical and vaccination. It consist of type of traveling, accommodation, time of year, and the length of staying have influence vaccination requirement. Your doctor will instruct you on which vaccination you need before you go. This will help you to prevent the diseases and make your holiday feel comfortable and protect your health while you are on your vacation.

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