Tumpek Wayang in Bali 2018.02.24

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Photo by: Putu Ariawan

Tumpek Wayang is a series of Tumpek sacred days which is celebrated every 6 months (210 days). In this sacred days, Hindus will perform a ceremony directed to God as his manifestation as a God of Weather (Lord Iswara) to plead for the salvation and the sanctity of the people. Tumpek Wayang is also known as "the day of art" as it is believed that the day was the birth of various types of art tools such as: gong, gender, shadow puppet (wayang), barong and others.

Tumpek Wayang is a reflection of where the world is surrounded by negative things. Humans will be overwhelmed by darkness, foolishness, arrogance, and mischief. In order to avoid the darkness, Lord Shiva will send Sanghyang Samirana to the world and give him a task to become a mediator to give positive power to humans to carry out their activities. This mediator we have known as Dalang (puppeteers)

tumpek wayang

Lord Iswara will also give spiritual power to Dalang called taksu. With this power, Dalang will be able to perform shadow puppet show with stories full of humorous, philosophy, criticism, suggestions and reality that occur in everyday life so that those who watching this show will have suggestion to themselves with positive energies.  With expectations, this positive energy will balance the physical and mental-spiritual in human beings.


Photo by: Meghan Hynson

There are interesting stories according to Balinese, especially about children who born in Tumpek Wayang. They believe the children who born on that day should be purified with a great ceremony, one of them is by the performance of Wayang Sapuh Leger. The purpose of this ceremony is to keep the children away from being distracted by Lord Kala.

In Lontar Sapuh Leger called, Lord Shiva granted permission to Lord Kala to prey on the children who were born in wuku Wayang. For the sake of the safety of the children, a ceremony must be performed by cleaning it with holy water (tirta) from Wayang Sapuh Leger (Sapuh = clean up, Leger = polluted or dirty).

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