Tips Before Doing Yoga Classes in Bali 2016.04.06


 There are a lot of foreign and domestic tourists who want to do yoga classes in Bali to get a different situation, where they can feel more peaceful for their body and soul. But from their biggest desire to do yoga in Bali, there are also some reasons why they are afraid to try yoga class in Bali.

They have their own reasons and anxious, starting from they are afraid to be judged by another people when joining a yoga class, they feel not comfortable with their body (look too fat) so it seems like they  do not have any energy and less flexibility in moving.


 This case happens probably because they got the wrong information from the appearance of yoga teacher that looks so perfect with their nice body and can make movement that seems impossible to be done by everyone. It is the biggest mistake, as we can see yoga is helpful.

Yoga is not only good for your body, but it also can improve your healthy and body endurance, strengthens your posture, cure a various of illness, reduce your stress and control your emotion. So, everyone can do yoga and you will have no any reasons for not trying a yoga class in Bali.

Here are some tips for beginners who want to do yoga in Bali before starting the class :

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  2. 1. Understanding there is no any 'yoga expert' in some yoga classes in Bali. Yoga is not a competition, like anything new, you’re not likely to be a master the first several times you attempt a posture or a class. Yoga is not a one-time experience; it’s a path, a journey. You’ll grow and improve as you keep going back for more. So, anyone can immediately take yoga classes in Bali without any excuses.
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  4. 2. Don't think too much when you want to do your pose, just do it! Follow all of safety instructions movement and let your body adjust it, even when you're doing such a difficult pose like Crow Pose, but if you do not think about the difficulty of the movement, automatically your body will adjust it.
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  6. 3. Understanding that no one will judge you when you're in the yoga studio. So in the yoga studio there will be no particular status between the learners and teacher, you have to realize the process of learning. Might there are some students who already have experiences in yoga, but when the class begins, everyone will be concentrate practicing, so who will be staring at you?
  7. positif-thinking
  8. 4. Practicing with positive thinking and patience. Don’t think every yoga session is “not important” for you. Always remember yoga is a long process and not instant thing for getting its impact.


Don’t compare yourself to other people in the room. The person who can put her foot behind her head while balancing her entire body on her forearms is not your competition. You have no idea if she was a gymnast back in the day, if she’s been practicing for 25 years, and/or just blessed with insanely flexible hips. You only need to focus on where you are on your mat in that moment.

Indulge in that!

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