Things To Do on LINE 3 with Kura Kura Bus 2018.10.17

Hello! We are Internship student from Kwansei Gakuin University!

On September 7th we went to Seminyak by Kura-Kura Bus on LINE 3.

We will tell you some of sightseeing spots around the bus stop that we have visited. For your information, LINE 3 is a route connecting between Kuta area and Seminyak area.

Bus stop: Aston Kuta Hotel

Before we start our trip, we take Kura Kura Bus guide map and downloaded the Kura Kura mobile app.

You can buy the tickets from the driver. Even if you don't know how to ride, the driver surely tells you which ticket you want to buy and where will you go.

Because Aston Kuta Hotel is the first bus stop, you can take a commemorative photo with a cute body of a bus that imaged a turtle when coming a little early!

Wi-Fi is also set up inside, so if you have not installed Kura-Kura Bus mobile app yet, you can install it on the bus.

Bus stop: Grand Inna Kuta

The first bus stop we went is Grand Inna Kuta. When we got on the bus, we told the driver our destination, so we enjoyed riding on the bus without worrying about missing the bus stop.

After getting off the bus and walking a little bit, Kuta Beach is spreading in front of us and crowded with people who enjoy surfing and swimming. The main street along the beach is so popular for tourists.


Since friends from the same university are doing internship at DEKOM Bali Surf School, we went to see them! Just a short walk from the bus stop toward the beach.


There were them and they imitate a surfer.

Next bus stop is Beachwalk. It takes about 5 minutes on foot while watching the beach. 

On the way, we found Bali Island limited tumbler and it's so cute and perfect for souvenirs!


Bus stop: Beachwalk

Walking along Kuta Beach, you will see "Beachwalk" shopping mall on the right side!

Although the stores similar to Japan mall, inside the mall is constructed with a tropical design and you can enjoy the feeling of relaxing at a resort.


There is a Kura Kura Bus ticket booth inside Beachwalk and it is possible for you to purchase various services of Kura-Kura Bus such as a ticket and Bali Super Pass or asking a guide to use Kura Kura Bus.

We also went to the ticket booth! The women staff who can speak Japanese explained very carefully and clearly!


Bus stop: Bintang Supermarket

From Beachwalk, we took a Kura-Kura Bus and moved for a long time ...

We arrived at Bintang Supermarket which is very famous for the beer! Of course, other than beer, you can buy tropical fruits, Bali souvenir, sweets, etc!

Bintang Supermarket is situated in Raya Seminyak Street, which is one of the famous streets in Seminyak, and Sunset Road is next to it.

Bus stop: Seminyak Village

Next, we went north and arrived at Seminyak Village!

First of all, I would like to ...


Sculpture of "I LOVE BALI"!

I would like to take a picture of it because that sculpture similar like sculpture "I LOVE" in every country! By the way, we're collecting pictures of "I LOVE" of countries we have visited.

When I was taking a picture, a westerners' guy came in and we wanted him to take pictures together.

Walking around Seminyak Village, there are a lot of stylish cafés, boutiques, and souvenir shops.


When walking around here, we found many mural paintings.

Such as:





Seminyak area is the best location to take a picture like those photos and there are so many nice shops.

When you want to sightseeing around Kuta and Seminyak area, we recommend using Kura-Kura Bus on LINE 3!

Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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