Things To Do on LINE 1 and LINE 2 with Kura Kura Bus 2018.10.12

Hello! We are internship student from Kwanseigakuin University in Japan!

Last week we went to Nusa Dua and Jimbaran with Kura Kura Bus on LINE 2. We are going to introduce the sightseeing place for each bus stop we visited!

Bus stop location: Samasta-Mövenpick

We started our trip from Samasta Movenpick, a shopping mall situated in Jimbaran. We visited Samasta in the morning, so there were few people and you can enjoy doing shopping! It has a shop which has a variety of souvenirs like a picture below!


We walked to the nearest bus stop from Samasta because we think we will find something interesting on our way.

And that's true! we found a big bronze statue and we take a picture of it!


When we see it closely, It's much taller than we thought.

Bus stop location: Le Meridien

After 10 minutes, we arrived at Le Meridien. The bus sign is in front of the hotel lobby, so we talked with a security guard and they let us sit inside the hotel!

From this bus stop, you can go to Muaya Beach to enjoy Jimbaran's famous seafood beach barbeques and brilliant sunset!

Bus stop: Museum Pasifika

The last bus stop we visited is Museum Pasifika. It's located in Nusa Dua area,  about 50 minutes from Le Meridien.

We fall asleep during the trip but luckily we woke up after reaching Nusa Dua. The scenery of Nusa Dua is very different from Jimbaran and a lot of 5-star resorts are situated here.

This is why this place is very quiet and looks more tropical than Kuta!


When you walk along this road, you will see a large shopping mall, which is called Bali Collection.

It was hot today, so we took a rest inside.


It looks like a hotel, doesn’t it?


After taking a rest a while, we preparing our stamina to go to Water Blow!


On the way, we found a statue and we took a picture again with it as a background.

Approximately 15 minutes, we finally arrived! The view so amazing!



If you are lucky, you can take an awesome picture like this!


But please be careful! Once you fall into this tide, you will never come back...


Last but not least on our one-day trip, we visited Museum Pasifika. Not only has Balinese paintings, the museum also has other Asian countries’ artworks. We were attracted by the paintings drawn with Balinese unique coloring. However, it is prohibited to take a picture inside, so we couldn’t put other pictures.


You can take a bus to return in front of this museum, so you don’t need worry you miss your destination.

Do you want to go to south part of Bali with Kura-Kura Bus?

Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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