Things to do in North Bali 2018.02.27

North Bali offers beautiful scenery which you can enjoy from mountains, lakes, sea, temples, and traditional markets on the mountain. Compared to South Bali, North Bali is quieter and less crowded than south Bali. Located about 3 hours from Kuta and about 2 hours from Ubud, North Bali is a paradise that is waiting for you to unravel.

We also provide some favorite places for you, the traveler, who will be visiting here, definitely with spectacular scenery that will amaze you!!

1. Visiting the Traditional Market in Bedugul


Located 58 km from Denpasar, Bedugul is a popular area as a weekend destination especially for locals who often spend a few days to camp or picnic with friends and families. If you don't have time to do those activities, you can go to a traditional market on a mountain that sells a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits that grows from the garden in this area. Take your time to buy some tropical fruits, herbs, and take some colorful photos before you continue your journey to the north.

While at Bedugul, you can also enjoy water activities at Lake Beratan, take a photo at the famous Ulan Danu Temple, or visit Eka Karya Botanical Garden, the largest tropical garden in Bali.

2. Watching Wild Dolphins Swim Freely in Lovina


Photo by: Kurt Hollstein

When you arrived in Singaraja, staying in Lovina is a must to do! Famous for its black sands, Lovina is a gem in North Bali. The calm waves, and quite beach, Lovina is an alternative for those of you who want to find a peaceful place in Bali. The view of the Lovina sea is also what villas and hotel offered.

For additional information, you can see dolphins which are swimming freely in the sea every morning, the staff in your place where you stay will be happy to offer this package, or you can visit the port of Lovina if you want to  transact directly with local fishermen.

3. Snorkeling and Diving in Menjangan Island

menjangan island

Photo by: Keliling Nusantara

A small island in the north-west of the island of Bali which famous for their beauty of the marine life. You can come here by boat from Lovina about 1.5 hours trip. This area is home to a variety of colorful marine biota such as sea coral, clownfish,  surgeonfish, angelfish, sea eels, and if you are lucky you can see sea turtles which are looking for food in this area. Menjangan Island is a conservation area, you will not find a place to stay or restaurant on the island. Please make sure have your meal before diving or snorkeling activities.

4. Exploring the Stunning Waterfall in North Bali

 air terjun

North Bali is also famous for their beautiful waterfalls such as Gitgit Waterfall, Sekumpul Waterfall or Aling-Aling waterfall. Each waterfall has its own beauty when you explore it, and some waterfalls are easy to reach and some are located deep in the forest so you need extra energy to get there. So, prepare your stamina if you want to explore every waterfall in North Bali!

5. Relaxing Your Body at Banjar Hot Spring

 banjar hot spring

Photo by: Yvan Musy

If you are tired after your journey, you can release your fatigue at Banjar Hot Spring. Located in the Banjar village and only about 20 minutes from Lovina, Banjar Hot Spring is a natural hot spring pool with green scenery around which will make you feel so refreshed for a long soak here. Banjar Hot Spring has 3 pools, all water flowing from the dragon (naga) heads and each pool have variety in width and depth. This pool is open daily from 08.00 am to 06.00 pm.

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