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Bali’s Best Surfing Spots for Beginners 2016.06.30


Clear skies, lots of sun, big waves at the beach is definitely Bali! Bali is also known as surfer paradise because surfing has been one of the major attractions in Bali since the first surfers came to the island around the middle of the last century. Even though Bali is famous with its big and powerful wave but Bali also offers excellent surf spots for beginners, then Bali should be on every beginner surfers to-do list. We are enlisting the most famous surfing spots in Bali for Beginners as follow:

1.   Legian Beach 


Legian Beach is one of the best surfing spots for beginners. Situated contiguously from Kuta Beach. This beach is becoming a center of tourist activities in Bali as well as surfing adventures. It is also blessed by the spectacular sunset that creates romantic nuance for visitors who visit this place. The same with Kuta Beach, swells grow bigger later in the afternoons. International surfing school is also available along the way such us Rip Curl Surf School to make you easier how to start surfing for the first time.

2. Seminyak Beach


Out from Legian Beach, we head off to the more familiar surfing spots in Bali, Seminyak Beach. Seminyak Beach is situated in the northern of Legian Beach. It is favored by the great wave that is ideally for surfing adventures hence many surfers visit this beach to conquer the waves and enjoy the surf adventures.

This beach is also completed by public facilities such as the world class hotels, international restaurants, surf schools and surf camps are also available. It offers plenty of swell, which can be double the size of that found at Kuta. The type is the same like Kuta Beach, but in Seminyak Beach is less crowded and although the wave’s characteristic is big and powerful, but it is also suitable for kids and beginner who want to try surfing.

3. Tuban  Beach 

For those who want to try surfing for less crowded than Kuta/Legian Beach, then Tuban Beach is the place to be. Tuban Beach is situated in front of the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Might this beach is unfamiliar for surfers because this beach is a new surfing spot in Bali and well-known as "Airport Lefts" and "Airport Rights".

This surfing spot is situated in the middle of sea and far enough from the sea shore and force the surfers to use the traditional boat to reach this surfing spot. These surfing spots provides the opportunity for you to take both way direction of surfing those are from left to the right side (left hander) and from right to left side (right hander). 

4. Nusa Dua  Beach 


Beautiful white sandy beach in the southern part of Bali, Nusa Dua Beach is another of the best surfing spot in Bali for beginners. Pretty much known as peaceful place a few years back, now it is popular with its wave. This is a powerful wave with some good tube sections, but there is usually a strong current that works against you. The reef is around 500 mtrs offshore and it is better to hire a boat and save your energy for the current.

5. Sanur Beach 


On the island's eastern coast, Sanur Beach is a longtime favorite. Sanur Beach has been famous since the Dutch colonial and now it has been much developed to serve every guests who come and visit Sanur area. As one of the most interesting places Bali, Sanur Beach is well appointed as an access of surfing point which is located in shore break featured by the great wave for surfing adventures. The waves at the shore break are great, powerful and fast those are given more challenge for beginners to conquer it.

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