Talk Story with Rio Waida on WSL QS1500 KRUI PRO 2018.05.30

I recently went to the WSL QS 1500 KRUI PRO in southern Sumatra, Indonesia. About 7 hours by car from the Bandar Lampung Airport in the southern part of Sumatra.


To reach this point is a little bit difficult, but the waves are one of best in the world. While the competition waves and the wind was not stable, but I could manage to the final day.


On the final day, the wave was increasingly getting bigger and the stage is good set for a surfing demonstration. Many great surfers came from all over the world and the level of competition was quite high. Everyone seems to be slightly nervous and on their toes.

Thanks to everyone who supported me, I was able to maintain my performance and progress the final round.

The final round, my biggest competitor was Mr. Oney Anwar, who was a local Indonesian senior surfer and only one regularly compete with all over the world. This was the first WQS final round by two Indonesian surfers. It was big honor for me to compete the final round with my respected surfer Mr. Oney in a good condition.


Both of us performed our best. It was really one of my best round in my life. But this time around, I couldn’t get the win.


I deeply regret, but it was a great fun. Will seek to do best next around.


[photo provided WSL]

Everyone, thank you for your support.

I would like to take advantage of this experience and continue to connect next, so please continue your continued support.


Rio Waida

Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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