Talk Story with Rio Waida on JQS WORLD SURF LEAGUE 1000 Skullcandy Pro Junior 2018 2018.10.26

Since this summer report arrived from Rio, surfer who is busy and flying around and over, so we will post it several times. First of all, the report comes from JQS WORLD SURF LEAGUE 1,000 Skullcandy Pro Junior which is held on July, 15th to 18th.

Here is a report from Rio:

Recently, the tournament that I joined in is JUNIOR event of AUS. Honestly, the tournament is meaningful, even though it does not add points for me. However, I decided to participate to the event for my future experience.

Since, I grew up in Bali, I always surf in swimwear, but the tournament took place in cold water. For me, wearing a wet suit, surfing can be very difficult. It is hard time for me.

I need exercises with the burden of surfing as usual.

Here is Lennox Head the convention location.

Now, we are heading to Gold Coast through this route, Bali -> Kuala Lumpur -> Gold Coast.

The JUNIOR Event is the third competition that I joined in this year.

The event was held in the holiday season, where the Australian School off. It is also a big junior event in AUS, which is a great opportunity for players for gathering both from Australia and foreign countries.

In the beginning, there was a wave and I was able to handle the game very much. On the last day the number of waves which was came very small, I could not get on. In the end, I lost the battle.

In fact, Junior Class is for under 18th, so it will be the last year for me.

It is very sad when I think that I can’t be there next year.

I am grateful to this competition not only for Bali, but also for this competition, where I began to participate in international competitions like this.

If you were only joining in Bali tournament, definitely you wouldn’t understand.

For example, how is the feeling of AUS Kids who is a surfing in powerful country, how to fight, support around etc.

Thing that I got now is, I am very grateful that I have such experiences.

In fact, if you are surfing in Bali, you will find warm climate, nice waves and it is really fun. However, in order to live as a professional, you must also learn not only fun parts. Even though there were many difficult moments that I had to face to, but there were also many happy times.

So, I will keep participate in overseas competitions in the future and I will try harder than before.

Thank you for your continuous support.

JQS WORLD SURF LEAGUE 1,000 Skullcandy Pro Junior official website:

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