Talk Story with Rio Waida on 2018 Vans US Open of Surfing 2018.11.09

Today report by Rio the surfer, who has participated in the WQS 10,000 event Vans US Open of Surfing which was held from July 30th to August 5th in California.

My trips for surfing were far enough, especially if I have to talk about the route that I have. This time, I had to go to California. Unfortunately, there is no direct flight from Bali to California. To be there, you have to fly to Taiwan, Philippines or Australia, then you can get your next flight to California.

In this trip, I prefer to choose route via Australia considering arrival time that I predicted will be the right time for me to be there. So, my route is Bali → Australia / Sydney → Los Angeles’ airport.

The location of the convention was in Huntington Beach.

Through my trip experience, I realize that accessing Bali is very difficult from all over the world, but still so many tourists from other countries willing to come to Bali. It proves that Bali is really wonderful place.

I am really thankful that I live in Bali. Furthermore, as many chances that enable me to travel around the world, I hope that everything that I do will be able to represent Bali and Indonesia in the world class.

Vans US Open of Surfing

The QS 10,000 event is the highest level event that no one can win easily. If someone won the competition, he or she can be preferentially acquired the top of the world line king.

You can imagine that that the QS 10,000 is event that you cannot win easily, unless you have entered roughly 100th place.

I am lucky enough that I can take part in this competition this time.

It was really big and I am totally excited because it was the world's highest level event of surfing power in the USA.

Unfortunately, the waves were very small, also the stream was small, and a few mistakes could not be scored.

In the midst of nervousness, I thought that it is usual that we must be calm when we were in the midst of the game, but what about if it is big event?

If there was a lot of number of wave, the story would be different, but I have been waiting for times to time but still I couldn’t get it. In other side, I must perform in high qualification in the precise time.

Honestly, there is not much difference in the level of surfing.

I also have the confidence to win if I can get on well.

But, I cannot win it...

It is really frustrating me.

I have so many questions buzzing around my head, what am I missing?

Questions like that continuously become my own question that I cannot answer.

It seems like I have lost my confident because it is difficult to be win. But this is not just me who feel that way. Everyone passes.

You cannot beat it if you feel depressed.

Even though I will be lost, I still believe that there are many people who support me and bring my confident back to me again. So, I will do my best.

Thank you for your continuous support.

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