Takenoko Clinic is really safe even you only can speak Japanese! 2017.03.03

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I feel a bit worried when I will visit a hospital where I should consult my health problems. I have to understand on what my doctor said, and I want to know whether the medical procedures given are appropriate with my insurance or not and other worries come to my mind. 

Takenoko Clinic Kuta, Bali is a clinic that I can trust consulting my health problems when I am in Bali. 


It is situated at Jl. Sunset Road Kuta. 。

Moving from T Galleria (Duty Free Shop) to Seminyak area and can be accessed around 5 minutes by car. You will see a blue sign board of Takenoko Clinic in the left side. 

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The reason why this clinic is really recommended because there is a Japanese nurse named Mrs. Morita who is always happy to serve you. Before doing a medical examination, a patient needs to fill the examination form and Mrs.  Morita is always ready to explain the unclear things to you. Then, continued by medical examination and treatment steps. Mrs. Morita will help you explain what the doctor said about your health problems in Japanese. So, you do not need to worry if you cannot speak or understand English.

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 Mrs. Morita also is taking care of me while I am on my treatment.   even when speak with the doctor, we could understand on what he/she explained as we will be helped by Mrs. Morita, so don't need to worry if we missed the words spoken.

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 At the back of examination room there is an observation room, where patient can rest after doing their medical examination. Its facilities are really complete and they have clean and comfortable room. 

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A big hospital might have complete facilities, has many doctors and this might be suitable for those who needs an intensive treatment. Or when you are in the receptionist you will get long queues and most of big hospitals only have few staffs who can speak Japanese. 

In the other side, Takenoko Clinic has a small building but you will feel comfortable as you will be accompanied by a nurse, Mrs. Morita. 


Here I inform the list of Japanese insurances that have great cooperation with Takenoko. 

Japanese Insurance List
あいおい損害保険 Aioi Insurance 
エース損害保険 Ace Insurance
損保ジャパン日本興亜保険 Sompo Japan Nippon Koa Insurance
東京海上日動火災保険 Tokyo Marine Nichido Fire Insurance
ニッセイ同和損害保険 Nissei Dowa General Insurance
三井住友海上火災保険インドネシア Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Indonesia
AIU保険 AIU Insurance
HS保険 HS Insurance
日本通運ヘルスケアカード Nippon Express Health Care Card
日新火災 Nisshin Fire Insurance


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Takenoko Clinic is also facilitated with clinic car used for a patient visit to your place as appointment or emergency car to a larger hospital for referral.

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Besides, Takenoko Clinic also can escort the patient to other countries from emergency clinic hospital in Japan. Actually, these cases are rare but it would be better if the clinic has its facilities.

Opening Hours Weekdays from 08.00 am until 10.00 pm
Weekend or holidays from 08.00 until 04.00 pm
Address Jl.Sunset Road No.77A Ruko No.1 Kuta
Telephone 0811-399-459(for japanese)
website http://takenokogroup.com/takenokobali.html

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