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Do you need a travel insurance before you go? Most of travelers will say NO. Understanding, most of travelers think the probability of something happening to themselves is probably low, but you would be in a world of hurt if there are might something happen and you are not covered. Travel Insurance, the thing that seems not quite important but in fact it can protect you during your vacation. It might take several times to choose suitable travel insurance that meets your needs, don't waste your time by thinking hard on one point but you also need to consider other travel needs. Here are a few simple tips how to choose suitable travel insurance: 

1. Plan your trip, annual or single trip?

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Whether you want to take your holiday in four days or more, make sure you already check the maximum number of days covered in your insurance, some policies will cover 30 days, and other policies might cover for 14 days. If you want to take an annual trip, we recommend to take an annual policy where it will save some money. 

2.  Check the travel insurance coverage 

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Each travel insurance inclusions would not be the same, but at least it has a few basic things that you need to understand, basically travel insurance includes medical emergencies, trip cancellation or interruption, lost luggage, and property theft or damage. The amount of compensation for each area will differ, so make sure to figure out what your main concerns are, what your budget will allow and select the plans that suits your best. If you have plan to do adventurous activities, then look for a policy that cover your needs. If you have plan to travel with bunch of expensive electronics, make sure your policy covers that or you can pay an extra plan that can cover those items. 

3. Know How Much Coverage You Will Get 

Purchasing travel insurance does not mean you just picking up the plans then pay for it, but you also need to know its coverage. Normally, cheaper plans do not offer much of protection even though the plans already included medical cost, something like a broken bone or an ambulance ride, other cost but you still need to consider whether it is suitable for you or not. 

4. Take Additional Coverage if Necessary 

Travel insurance should not be expected as your medical insurance. It is used only for emergency purposes so don't expect it will cover pre-existing medical conditions, pregnancy, regularly checkup, etc. Aside from medical issues, travel insurance also does not include extreme sports or activities like Scuba, bungee jumping and other activities that pumping your adrenaline, but it does not mean you cannot do those activities, meanwhile you can purchase additional coverage to cover the activities. 

5. Buy Travel Insurance as Soon as Possible 

Don't wait too long to buy travel insurance, if you wait too long to buy it, the insurance company might not cover your trip, that's why most of insurance policies advise you to buy travel insurance in advance which is usually at the first you pay for your flights or accommodation payment.

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