Pod Bali makes chocolates with natural produce from the tropical island of Bali. Their cacao beans, organic nectar, fruits, nuts and spices are the products of local communities; supporting local products as they travel a short distance before being transformed into delicious, antioxidant rich chocolate.

Pod Bali produces many variants of chocolates but basically their products are divided into two styles of “Classic and Nectar” chocolates. Classic is couverture chocolates made in classic European tradition started in 1847 when chocolate as we know it today was first created. Nectar is POD’s evolution of chocolate using the sweet, organic nectar of palm tree as highly nutritionus and sustainable alternative to refine sugar.
From all of the variant of POD’s chocolate, here we will tell you more about the Bali Chocolate nectar collection, and Bali Classic Chocolate.

1. POD Bali Chocolate Nectar collection Vol. 1

Picture1 pods

This is one of the product from Nectar Collection. Nectar Collection vol. 1 contains four kinds of flavor in one package (Sea Salt & Cacao Nibs, Fruit & Nut, Banana Chips & Clove, Peppermint, and Ginger & Lemongrass).
The Nectar Collection is 64% dark chocolate sweetened with organic palm tree nectar, a healthy alternative to refined sugar. Wrapped in eye-catching and modern designs, this Gift Box includes 5 Bali Chocolate Flavours: Sea Salt & Cacao Nibs, Fruit & Nut, Banana Chips & Clove, Peppermint, and Ginger & Lemongrass. These combination offer different taste and are a fantastic choices with each taste delivers different sensation to chocollate tasting.

2. POD Bali Chocolate Classic 


Hand made in Bali using local ingredients, this Gift Pack includes 6 Classic flavors which are Peppermint Dark, Orange Dark, Bali 80% Extra Dark, Bali 64% Dark, Bali 44% Milk, and Bali 25% White.
Each bar has 45g weights and beautifully packed in pod’s original design package.
Pod Chocolate Bar is a perfect souvenir for your loved ones. These classic style chocolate are made in European tradition, using refined sugar. These chocolate are perfect for those seeking less adventurous taste.

3. POD Chocolate Rocks

This gift Box containing Cacao Nibs and peanuts with nougatine in White, Milk, and Dark chocolate. This product is hand made in Bali, a perfect gift for your friends, family and loved ones.


Now you can get Pod Chocolate delivered to your home or hotels in Bali and all over Indonesia, just visit www.kura2shop.com.

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