Pia Eiji is one of the Best Pia in Bali 2017.09.08


Pia Eiji is one of the Best Pia in Bali. Its really suitable as gift for your family and friends. With crispy puff pastry and filled with various filling, its definitely worth a try!
There are so many choice of Pia in Bali, but we personally recommend Pia Eiji.

So, for you guys on a holiday in Bali, you have to try this deliciously filled pie, with its milky chocolate, cheese or mung bean filling melted on every bite ^^.

Each pies are made by hand from scratch, using the best quality ingredients, and contain no preservatives. Traditionally made, these cakes indeed are very special and exclusively recommended to you from our team. And for your additional information, Pia Eiji are freshly made everyday, in order to keep the quality standard and taste.

We tried so hard to avoid biting while taking this picture, because our mouths just keep wanting to eat. Pia Eiji, is temptation to the max but for goodness sake, we still wants too show it off to you hahahah :p


Pia Eiji with Chocolate filling
Pia Eiji come with various taste such as:

  1. 1. Chocolate filling
  2. 2. Cheese filling
  3. 3. Mung Bean filling

The last time we bought the chocolate filling, it was sooooper deliciousss.... the chocolate stays melting, and its not too bitter, because we still feel the milky texture. And because of its yummness, we bought another box with mix flavour, and tried the Mung bean and the Cheese. Needless to say, they also taste great due to the premium cheese and mung bean, exclusively prepared for this pia.
The cheese in particular is really tasty, thick, with a little mix of milk, even if its not as melted as chocolate but the taste is SOOO GOODD .
This is the view of Pia Eiji with cheese filling, very ‘intimidating’, hahaha :D
Nyumm nyumm nyumm.. one is NEVER enough!!! ^^


Last but not least, this is how the pia with mung bean look like;

Yup yup, looks gooooddd isn’t it? They use the best quality of Mung Bean, very light, tasty, and not too sweet.

If you are on vacation in Bali, or planning to visit Bali in the not too distant future, dont forget to taste it. We really recomend you to come and buy one and it is worth every penny. Better yet, order online at kura2shop.com and have it delivered straight to your hotel. No hassle!


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