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Bali Safari And Marine Park indeed in a first glance, similar to a Zoo, but once we were inside, we were surprise that this place is very much different from a Zoo. In terms of the animal attracttion, may not be fairly similar, but from the concept, Bali Safari and Marine Park is well-different from the other animal parks.


From entering to the ticket counter, we wre embraced by the uniqueness of Bali Safari and Marine Park. They have a several  packages that we may choose to enjoy at Bali Safari and Marine Park, starting from a fairly cheap package to the expensive ones. The package though, we thought really worth the payment as there are additional inclusions that you get from the more expensive packages such as exclusive seats at the theather, to additional elephant ride, lunch inclusion at Tsavo lion restaurant where you can dine while watching the big cats eat, or many others.


After purchasing the package at the ticket counter area, the staff provided us with bracelet according to our category. We then we have to wait (around 5 mins) for their shuttle bus which lead us directly to the Lobby Barong; the starting point for an adventure in Bali Safari and Marine Park. This Lobby Barong is also act as the Main Gate of the park. 


In the Lobby area, coffee lover may find Gloria Jean’s Coffee where you can enjoy a sip of your morning coffee or simply sit down and relax before the journey begins. There are also a big and medium size Aquarium contain various fishes from all around the globe.


If this is your first time of visiting Bali Safari and Marine Park, you might get confused of what you should do or which programs you should see, you are always welcome to speak directly to the staff on the Information centre. Don’t forget to carry your Park Map all the time as all the acitivities are listed, including location and show schedules.


From the Lobby Barong we move into the main area which has Souvenir Shops, Restaurants, and Food Court. The stage is right after this main area and everyday, the popular Animal Show scheduled twice (morning and afternoon) to ensure that each visitor does not miss this fun show.


The park offers some education and knowledge about the animals they have, there are also an area where we could get pictures with the animals such as; Elephants, Apes, Birds, etc. Most of these animals are bred in the captivity or otherwise tamed so you don’t need to worry if you want to take pictures with them.


Other attractions that you should be visiting at Bali Safari are Crocodile feeding (which as very interesting), Elephant shows and feeding white Tiger show. Feeding the elephant is also one of a kind experience (additional purchase on the vegetables) and if you want to explore a different path, try riding the aboard the elephant back. Whoa.. that would be really awsome! Riding Elephant, explore the Safari, certainly an amazing moment.


Lunch Timeeeeee....! :D
Bali Safari and Marine Park has 2 main restaurants inside the park, they are Uma Restaurant which divided into 2 areas; buffet areas for those purchasing higher entrance packages and Food Court areas and Tsavo Lion Restaurant where you can have your lunch or dinner with the the great cat (lion).


After lunch don’t forget to come in the Bali Agung Theater to watch their Grandeur Balinese Performance called Bali Agung Show. The show tell us about love and betrayal combine with spectacular lighting effects and traditional signature costume so you can both enjoy the performance and feel the richness Balinese culture.

IMG_2444 copy

Bali Safari and Marine Park also has waterpark and amusement park areas for family to enjoy. This area is slightly more quite as people tend to visit the animals more and didn’t really have much time for water activities. Nevertheless, we recommend that you check them out as they do have some interesting carnival areas.

For your information, we spent all our time (full-day) in the Park, from morning to evening, so make sure you are in good condition and come early in the morning so that you can enjoy all the activity provided. Bali Safari and Marine Park open from 09:00 am – 05:00 pm. For those seeking a different experience, try the Night Safari which of course offers different experience as most of the nocturnals will be active.

Enjoy your weekend! Cheeeersss...


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