Luxurious Spa Experience at Thalasso Bali Spa 2018.08.03


Thalasso Bali is located within the Grand Mirage Resort in Nusa Dua. It has been established for 25 years and become spa pioneer in Bali. Thalasso Bali is not only famous for its spa massage, but it is also famous for Thalasso Therapy & Hydrotherapy, and they offer wonderful experiences of spending leisure time in a luxury hotel especially the combination of yoga and spa.

Thalasso Bali Spa building

Well, how lucky we are, we’ve experienced Yoga + Aquamedic Pool + Aromatherapy Massage at Thalasso Bali.

beach yoga in Grand Mirage Resort


Before we felt the sensation of the spa, we invited to try Yoga first. Yoga begins at 9 am, in the Grand Mirage garden overlooking the open sea. The view of the beach on the edge of the eye, under the shade of the trees and the fresh pollution-free morning air, makes the Yoga atmosphere at that time very enjoyable. To be honest, we have not done yoga for a long time, so our body was stiff and quite inadequate when we were joining yoga in Grand Mirage, but after following the instructor's movement, our body slowly returns more flexible.

Aquamedic Pool treatment

A therapist is giving instructur on Aquamedic Pool

Bed message on Aquamedic Pool treatment

Tired of yoga, we immediately invited to feel the sensation of their Aquamedic Pool treatment.

Yup! We've been waiting for this thing!

The Aquamedic Pool treatment is a swimming pool with a size of 20x5 meters and the pool water is 100% pure seawater heated to 38 degrees with a water station massage and exercise bar.

Before we try the Aquamedic Pool, the therapist will direct us to change our clothes by using the swimsuit we have prepared beforehand. After changing the clothes, the therapist will then give instructions to us during each treatment. When we finished 1 round (1 round = 60 minutes), we felt tired but our body felt fresh.


After Yoga and Aquamedic Pool treatment, we invited again to feel their Aromatherapy Balinese Massage in Thalasso Bali. Thalasso Bali was built using simple-modern architecture with a natural beach theme. There are 16 rooms here and each room also has its own theme. Before we do the treatment, we have to fill out the medical report first. The therapist will use the information in this medical report to treat the treatment accordingly.



As soon as we entered the treatment room, we could smell the scent that was very fragrant. While being surrounded by the fragrance in a luxurious spa, the therapist begins massaging with care from toe to our head. It feels very relaxed and comfortable.



*Each treatment room has a different concept


We was very lucky to be able to pamper ourselves here from the daily busy routine of our day. Thalasso Bali says, "It is not just a spa, it is more than a spa", and we think that's true!


For reservations and inquiries, please send an email to (Booking ahead is necessary)

PS: If you make an order directly to Thalasso Bali Spa email and tell them that you know the Thalasso Bali Spa from Kura Kura, you will get a 15% discount on all menus and free mini gifts. So what are you waiting for? Do not miss this opportunity! and feel "more than just a spa" only at Thalasso Bali Spa


Luxurious Spa Experience at Thalasso Bali Spa
Jl. Pratama No 74, Tanjung Benoa 80363 Nusa Dua - Bali, Indonesia
Phone Number +62 361 773883
Opening Hours Open daily from 9 am - 9 pm



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