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Hugging 90 hectares of prime cliff-top property above Jimbaran Bay, the 5 Star Ayana Resort & Spa has won numerous awards over the years and for good reason. The resort boasts no less than 15 restaurants and bars (including the glamorous Rock Bar) and 11 swimming pools, while luxury accommodation is provided in the hotel itself or one of 78 private villas that dreams are made of.

Ayana's sister property is Rimba, a peaceful haven set in 8 hectares of tropical gardens. Rimba has a more intimate feel, making it a popular choice for a romantic getaway on Bali's southern peninsula. It's also a great option for families thanks to interconnecting rooms, a Kids Club and children's pool with fun water slides. 

Guests of Rimba have full access to all of Ayana's facilities (including private Kubu Beach) and a complimentary shuttle tram service operates between the two resorts.

kampoeng 32

Kampoeng Rimba

A unique dining experience at Rimba is Kampoeng Bali. Designed to resemble a traditional Balinese village, the venue features a lake and rice terraces with ducks waddling freely about.

The concept aims to bring rural village life to visitors (the word "kampoeng" means village in Bahasa) and share Bali's rich cultural heritage by way of a Balinese buffet feast and entertaining Kecak dance performance under the stars.

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Kampoeng 21

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Stepping in to Kampoeng Bali is like entering a peaceful piece of paradise far from the maddening crowd that's hard to escape sometimes these days in Bali. You don't hear any taxis beeping or bikes speeding past, just the sound of water flowing downstream and soft gamelan music carried by the breeze.

Kampoeng 1

Kampoeng Bali is open to guests of Ayana and Rimba as well as to the public. All visitors are greeted by beautiful Balinese staff and given a fragrant frangipani flower to tuck behind their ear in true island style, and also a traditional colorful sash to tie around their waist.

The service at Kampoeng Bali, as with anywhere else within Ayana and Rimba, is world-class and something the resort should truly be proud of. Service seems genuinely sincere and nothing beats a Balinese smile that comes from the heart.

Kampoeng 27

Kampoeng 10

Kampoeng 8

Take a walk around the grounds and you'll be impressed by the attention to detail; there's a thoughtful touch around almost every corner and you'll no doubt be snapping away taking photos of everything from coconuts to roosters!

Kampoeng 23

Kampoeng 3

Kampoeng 25

At sunset, a traditional market is set up next to the lake where visitors can watch local artisans making wood carvings and paintings. Various souvenirs are also available and can be purchased for cash directly from the vendors.

Kampoeng 11

Kampoeng 22

The main feature at Kampoeng Bali is the open-air theater with a terraced amphitheater-style setting under the palm trees. From this stunning location, guests can take in the famous Bali sunset while enjoying anything from champagne and wine to cocktails and fresh fruit juices.

sunset ritual

At 6pm, a sunset ritual procession takes place where young boys and girls in traditional dress walk to the temple carrying elaborate offerings on their heads and playing Balinese instruments.


Kampoeng 4

kampoeng 30

This is followed by the mouth-watering buffet at 6.30pm. Food doesn't get much fresher, with Rimba's culinary team whipping up traditional Balinese dishes at live cooking stations and grills right in front of guests.

It's the perfect opportunity to taste Balinese cuisine if you've never tried it before. Start with a crunchy fresh salad topped with one of the many sambals available, then head over to the meat section for tasty satay, the famous babi guling (suckling pig), and of course fresh seafood from the local Jimbaran market nearby.

Kampoeng 28

kampoeng 29

Don't worry if you're vegetarian, there's plenty options that will satisfy even the most hungry guest, and the chef's actually have their own fruit, vegetable and herb gardens where they gather items from for the evening's buffet.

Remember to also leave space for the delicious assortment of desserts - Balinese cakes, fresh fruit and home-made gelato (we highly recommend the coconut) topped with decadent sauces.


Kampoeng 5

After dark, Kampoeng Bali is an incredibly romantic venue with 5 Star service from staff who anticipate what you need before you even realize it yourself. At 7pm the stage bursts into life with a Kecak dance that highlights' Bali's rich cultural heritage that tells the story of Rama Sita.

Children will love the tale about a prince, a princess, cheeky monkeys and a huge tiger-like barong who all act out the story to the unique "cak" sound chanted by bare-chested boys and men. After the performance, guests have the chance to have their photo taken with these entertaining characters - the perfect keepsake to take home!

Kampoeng 6

Kampoeng Bali is a must for guests staying at either Ayana or Rimba and even for non-staying guests who are simply visiting Bali on holiday and want to experience a very special evening filled with culture, cuisine and that special Balinese hospitality.

How to get there

Both Ayana and Rimba are bus stops on Kura-Kura Bus's Jimbaran Line. Kura-Kura Bus is a public shuttle bus service operating daily in Bali's popular tourist areas.

The Jimbaran Line begins at DFS Bus Bay in Kuta and the fare is Rp. 40,000 per person for a single trip (children 2 years and under using the same seat as an adult travel free of charge).


Date Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 6pm
Price Adult : Rp. 450,000 / Child Rp. 225,000
Address RIMBA Jimbaran BALI by AYANA, Karang Mas Estate, Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali
Tel +62 361 846 8468 Ext. 87
Email fb.reservation@rimbajimbaran.com
Website http://rimbajimbaran.com/en/home
Facebook Rimba Jimaran Bali


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