Indonesian Public Holidays 2015 2014.10.24

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If you're anything like us, you'll be busy planning next year's holidays or long weekends away to some remote tropical island.

Below is a list of the National Public Holidays for the Republic of Indonesia during 2015. With just a little pre-planning, you could manage around 10 long weekends throughout the year!

Date Holiday
01 January  New Years Day
03 January  Maulidur Rasul
18 February  Chinese New Year
21 March  Nyepi (Balinese New Year)
03 April  Good Friday
01 May  Labour Day
03 May  Waisak Day (Birth of Buddha)
14 May  Ascension Day
15 May  Isra Miraj
17 July  Hari Raya Puasa (End of Ramadan)
18 July  Eid Al-Fitr
17 August  Independence Day
23 September  Idul Adha
13 October  Muharram (Islamic New Year)
25 December  Christmas Day

Note that next year Nyepi falls on Saturday, 21 March. On this day, everything in Bali shuts down, including the airport, and everyone has to stay indoors to reflect on the past year and the approaching new year.

Even hotel guests are not allowed outside on this very important religious Balinese holiday, so it's a great excuse to simply relax and do nothing!

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