How to Save your Money while Traveling to Bali 2017.02.11

Cannot be denied a lot of travelers want to come to Bali for a vacation as they can see what they are looking for in this small but beautiful island, whether it is from nature, culture, nice beaches, yoga and shopping spots, spiritual place and so on. Because of that reasons, the government and community nowadays are concerning on how to fulfill the travelers needs in order to make the pleasant trip.

Luxury resort, fancy bars and restaurant, shopping mall are easy to find for those who want to have a luxury holiday. But don't worry Bali is also a nice choice for you if you don't want to spend your much money. Have a look on our tips below how to save your money while traveling to Bali

1. Booking Cheap Accommodation Tips in Bali  

The main problem on a vacation is about finding a nice and affordable accommodation, but some travelers not often think the rate normally offered in a high price. There are loads of nice accommodation in Bali from luxurious hotel/villa, kid friendly resort, mid-range hotels, guests house until backpacker hostel. Even they are guesthouses or backpacker hostel, the owner always concern on its cleanliness.

A really great way to save your money for the accommodation is you can book it online that the price normally lower than normal rate, but try to make the reservation in advance to get the best deals, if you are lucky you will get free airport transfer to your hotel, so you do not need to spend your budget for the airport transfer. For those who are traveling to Bali with your family, book a villa is great option that is usually cheaper than family resort. You will save your money on food as you can make your own favorite foods for the entire family in your villa. 

2. Bali Dining on Lower Cost 

If you are finding the information about the best restaurant in Bali for your meals you will find a fancy restaurant that provides Western foods, and you need to pay extra at the end of your meals. Let's be smart and try to get local dishes that made by using fresh local product, cheap, and tasty. You can try fresh grilled seafood, Indonesian dishes and Balinese foods in local restaurant (local called "Warung").

Warung has small building and offers local cuisine with low price. You can get your meals in warung starting from IDR 20.000 (around USD 1.5) for fried rice, fried noodle or even Nasi Campur and fresh grilled fish starting from IDR 45.000 (around USD 3.50), here you can save money for your meals and have more culture experience at the same time.

If you love exploring the local cuisine, go to Night Markets in Bali is a perfect choice! Here, you will find a lot of food stands offer Balinese foods i.e. suckling pig, chicken satay, meatball, fried banana, grilled chicken, and plenty of sweet Balinese desserts. But please make sure you choose the clean one and adjust your spicy on your meals if you don't like it as Balinese love spicy taste!

3. Saving Money on Transportation in Bali 

If you are a single traveler and need transportation in Bali, may hire a car with driver will be much expensive. To save your transportation costs in Bali, using the public shuttle bus (Kura-kura Bus) will be much cheaper. You can explore Ubud area for its culture and beauty of nature, Kuta or Legian area for its popular place to surf, shopping, Bali dining, or even Balinese massage, Seminyak area for its beaches, Jimbaran, Sanur, Nusa Dua also can be explored in lower price by using the public shuttle bus with the price range from IDR 20.000 - 80.000/person/one way. The bus completed with FREE WIFI and air conditioned to make an enjoyable trip! 

4. Checking Bali Sightseeing Spots

What a good vacation if we can explore this beautiful island as much as we can in low cost. Checking the sightseeing places in Bali is needed to do to make sure how much the entrance fee or donation is. Normally the entrance fee for tourist spots in Bali range from IDR 15.000 (USD 1.13) -IDR 100.000 (USD 7.7)/person.

But if you don't want to spend your budget for charging sightseeing, Bali also has public beaches, temples, waterfall, nice sunset spots that are free of entrance to visit. Bali adventures are also provided with the best deals by travel agencies for your holiday if you want to have the Atv riding, rafting, cycling, horse riding and so on, and they often offer the discounted price up to 50%, it will help you to save your hundreds of dollars!

More Tips for saving your money while your Bali vacation: 

art market

Bargaining in traditional market while buying some Bali souvenirs also can do as normally the souvenirs price offered in traditional market is negotiable. You can show your bargaining skills here and get the Bali souvenirs as many as cheap for your family or friends. Aside from buying souvenirs in Bali, you also can get the cheap massage by having massage near Kuta or Legian beach. Normally they offer the price starting from IDR 75.000 (around USD 5.7)/person/1 hour. It is cheap enough instead of going to the luxurious spa that you will be charged for more than USD 40/1 hour. Another tip you can do is traveling to Bali in low season period (January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November) to get the best deals of accommodation and cheap flight tickets too. As you can see there are many ways how to save your money on your Bali vacation. So, you don’t need to worry you will spend your much money for Bali vacation.



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