Hindu Balinese offerings – Canang Sari 2016.02.23


What is Canang Sari?

Canang Sari is daily offerings from Balinese Hindus to the God.

Who makes Canang Sari?

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All of Hindus people in Bali everywhere they stayed (man or woman) can make Canang Sari except woman who is getting her menstruation because it will decrease it’s sanctify. 

Where is Canang Sari offered?

In all of temples in Bali, on a small shrine of houses, and on the ground becomes the small offering to the environment.

When is Canang Sari offered?

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In every day, in certain holy day like "Galungan Day", "Kuningan Day",  full moon, and another holy day.

Canang Sari is not used when there is a death in family member or community.

Why do Balinese People have to make Canang Sari ?

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Canang Sari has a very important thing in religious rituals of Balinese Hindus, we can say that Canang Sari as the "main thing of offering". Any biggest offering/ceremony will not be complete if it doesn’t use with Canang Sari.

Canang sari is offered  to the God everyday as a form of  grateful  and thanking for the peace which is already given to the world.

The philosophy of the offering is to sacrifice our self because it requires time and energy to prepare the offerings.

 How to make Canang Sari?

  1. 1. At first please prepare the stuff to make Canang such as : coconut leaf, colourful flowers, sharpened thin bamboo, some pieces of sugar cane, banana and piece of cake.


  1. 2. Gather together the supple coconut leaves. Fold one frond/leaf into four even lengths. Using a short length of thin bamboo "sew" each corner into place. Then fill it by another coconut leaf.


  1. 3. By pulling tips of leaves and insert it to the twirled centre, the young coconut leaves slowly had been transformed into “uras”, a bowl-like or container.


  1. 4. Put the pieces of sugar cane, banana and don't forget the cake on it.
  1. 5. Decorate Canang with colourful flowers in your liking and whatever flowers they have at the market.


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