Hidden Bali Farms that Should not be Missed 2017.04.27

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Have you already had a plan on where to go this weekend? If not, why don't you have a farm trip for your excursion? A perfect plan for your weekend where you can get closer to nature, discover the nature wealth of Bali, and learn how Balinese run balancing life with nature. If you are already thinking to have a farm trip for your weekend, here are our best hidden Bali farm recommendations:

1. Bali Strawberry Farm

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It's all about fresh strawberries! Located in the fresh cool air mountain and highland of Bali, Bedugul area, this farm always attracts the travelers to come specially for family trip. A small basket and scissor will be given by their staffs to pick up the fresh strawberries. You only need to pick them and put into your basket, in the last you need to weigh and pay for it. Instead of fetching the strawberry, you also can sit and relax here while enjoying their menus in which almost of them made by strawberries, most of favorite is strawberry pizza with cheese and honey that go so well with small strawberries and don't forget to try their strawberry juice which is really refreshing! We recommend to come to this farm on dry season as normally on wet season you could not go to the farm and the beautiful view around the farm blocked by the fog. 

2. Atlas Pearl Farm 

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North Bali is always being a unique place to visit where it is away from the hustle and bustle of busy town as well as the Atlas Pearl Farm. A popular pearl farm with its eco-friendly pearl production, this farm gives you a fantastic perception of particular ecosystem. Once you arrive here, you will be shown a video on the process as well as the demonstration on how they put the pearl into the oyster in order for it to grow. They also have jewelry shop where you can buy some nice jewelry if you wish to bring back home. 

3. Hatten Wines

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Another popular farm to in Bali is the vineyard itself. The biggest vineyard in Bali can be found in the North Bali where it is owned by Hatten Wines. Hatten Wines had been producing wine in Bali since 1994. This farm built in 35's hectares’ vineyard that allows you to take the tour to this farm and have a chance to wine tasting too at the end of the tour. The vineyard opens for visitors every day from 10:00 a.m. - 04:30 p.m. except Sunday and Bali public holidays. The guide will show you a various step of growing vine as well as how they produce their wine till laboratory’s visits.

4. The Organic Farm Bali 

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Owned and managed by Marjan van Ravenzwaaij this organic farm is more than an organic Bali farm but it is also a second home for locals in the village of Angsri as most of the villagers work in this farm. You will be warmly welcomed by super friendly staff who are glad share to you about the organic crops in their premises, the local customs, the social fabric of the families in this local village till the agriculture practices. Surely, this place will give you a real insight into the way that Balinese farmers or villagers live and think. The Organic Farm Bali has 4 packages you can pick during your vacation; The Village and Rice Field tour, The Seeds of Love Tour, The Farm and Surf Package which is really nice combination package, and The Balinese Cooking Class. We also highly recommend having lunch at their cafe farm as their foods are so fresh and delicious in which they always pick the ingredients from their garden. 

5. Bali Seaweed Farms 

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Located in Lembongan Island (still being a part of Bali province), this small island is being popular with its seaweed farms and the crystal-clear water to enjoy. The trip normally connects you to local seaweed farmers and they will teach or explain you the traditional way to farm seaweed step by step till the end of process. The local farmers usually crop their seaweed in early morning as seaweed only can be cropped when the tide is low. You also can buy the seaweed off from local farmers and you can take home for your seaweed salads, as you buy the seaweed by first hand, automatically the price you get will be much cheaper.

6. Bali Sea Salt Farm

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Along the way when you decide traveling to east Bali (Candi Dasa, Amed, or other areas) you will see a small wooden sign "Traditional Sea Salt Farmer" in the main road of black sand beach, it means you are in the village of Kusamba, a sea salt farm that cannot be missed. The Balinese tradition of salt farming dates back almost a thousand years, but has only recently gained recognition from fascinated tourists and salt connoisseurs. There is always something special of strolling around along the beach, the farmers look busy with their daily rituals come to life under hot Bali sun bake their skin, but surprisingly the local farmers can produce 10 kg of sea salt in a day.


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