Good to Know: Helpful Information for First-Timers 2018.05.23

A lot of questions about Bali might keep in mind for first-timers, so here's Kura Kura Guide share helpful information for your stress-free Bali vacation.

Appropriates clothes to wear

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Casual, lightweight and easily washable summer clothing is suitable for the tropical climate of Bali. Besides, carry one or two warmer garments for the cooler evenings and for when you are staying in the mountains where it can get quite cold is also advisable. Sturdy sandals or sneakers are recommended for outings. A hat or sun visor protection against the tropical sun is a must.


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ATMs are easily found in every corner of popular areas of Bali and most of machines accept credit card for cash withdrawals. Most ATMs in Bali allow a maximum withdrawal of IDR 1,250,000 (IDR 50,000 bill machines) to IDR 3,000,000 (IDR 100,000 bill machines) per transaction with a total maximum of IDR 6,000,000 withdrawal a day. The most popular ATMs to withdraw money from are Bank Central Asia (BCA), Bank Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), and Permata Bank. More Commonwealth ATMs are popping up the island in recent years. Some machines will hand out your money first, then your card, so don't forget to take your card before leaving the ATM. If you plan to visit rural areas of the island, it is better for you to stock up an additional cash as ATM will be more difficult to be found or the machine does not work well.

Stay hydrated while traveling

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Drink more water and stay hydrated while traveling. Never drink unboiled water, though you will find tap water easily, it is not safe to drink because of its uncertain quality. Purchasing mineral water would be a good idea to avoid most tourist's case of Bali belly.

Lost passports what to do?

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No one wants to get this kind of hard problems on a vacation, but sometimes it might happen. New passports or letters of travel can be obtained through consulates and embassies, then call your embassy or consulate to find out what actions need to be taken. Alternatively, report its loss immediately to the nearest police station and ask for a letter of reported theft/loss. Without this letter, required negotiations with Immigration can be more difficult.

Swimming precautions

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On the Balinese coastline are to be found some of the finest surfing beaches in the world. The sea is treated with great respect by the Balinese, in fact, they regard it as the dwelling place of evil spirits. Caution should be observed by swimmers as some beaches are quite dangerous. The safest areas to swim or dive are within the confines of the coral lagoons abutting Sanur and Nusa Dua. The surfing beaches of Kuta and Legian are often extremely hazardous and the following rules should be observed by swimmers.

  • 1. If you are not a strong swimmer do not swim on a beach where large waves are breaking.
  • 2. ALWAYS avoid calm water on surf beaches as this is usually a sign of a rip or current sweeping out to sea. Instead always swim where the waves are white and have an even break.
  • 3. If you are swept out to sea, relax! and float or swim parallel to the beach towards where the water is white and the waves are breaking evenly. Do not attempt to swim against the current which has swept you out but swim parallel to the beach until you find an area where the sea will help carry you in again.
  • 4. Avoid swimming if you have an open wound. If you cannot resist the beautiful beaches in Bali, immediately after leaving the ocean wash the wound with antiseptic.

Many lives have been lost due to inexperience and the failure to observe the above rules. Treat the sea with respect and please be careful.

It is advisable to remain within the reef when swimming or diving. When walking on the reef it is better to wear something on your feet as sea urchins can be an unwelcome hazard.

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