Getting a local SIM card in Bali 2016.10.29

Even you have decided to have long or short vacation in Bali, understanding you cannot live without your phone and you need a phone to keep communicating with your family or friends. When you want to keep communicating with your friends or family from Bali you might be worried about the roaming fees.

What should you do then? Getting a local SIM card! You can save your money as you don’t need to pay more of extravagant roaming fees when you have a local SIM Card. Getting a local SIM card in Bali is also simple thing that you can do. Have a look for some information on how to get a local SIM card in Bali!

Cellular Operators:

The cellular providers have their own strength and weakness. There are more than 3 cellular operators in Indonesia but the most popular cellular providers is Telkomsel. Their pre-paid SIM cards are called “Simpati”, “Kartu As” and “Loop”. Simpati is most popular followed by Kartu As and Loop. Simpati and Kartu As can be used for cheap overseas calls. They also have dialing codes which allows you to make cheap-ish international calls from Bali to overseas.

A regular SIM card will normally cost IDR 20,000 to IDR 30,000 without including the credit. Their latest standard size SIM cards now have a pop-out for Micro SIM. Telkomsel has a booth at the Bali airport, both at the international and domestic arrival terminal.

Where to Buy Credit?

You can also buy credit at the airport where the Telkomsel booth are located. You can ask the shop keeper to add credit (local called "Pulsa"). Almost of people will load up their phone with IDR 50,000 - IDR 100,000 of credit, with the minimum load up IDR 10,000.  Instead of buying in the airport you also can buy credit in kiosks throughout Bali. Just looking for a shop sign says "Pulsa" 

Estimate Credit You Will Spend: 


Whether you have your short or long vacation in paradise, you should consider how much credit you will spend to skip the overload budget. Normally if you use your phone to send message or call to local numbers you will spend the credit around IDR 50,000 within a week and of course if you browse and use internet on your phone your credit will deplete quickly.

Do the same things when you want to top your credit up, going to kiosks, giving the shop keeper your phone number and asking them to load up your credit, they will send the credit quickly and you are going to get a short message to confirm your phone has been topped with credit. 

Country Code: 


Indonesia's country code is +62 and then followed by the number.  If you want to make a call to local/Indonesian number you should start with "0" and followed by the number. And if you family or friends want to call you to your local number you can ask them to put Indonesia's country code +62 in front of your phone number.

 Travel Tips:


Lucky for those who want to keep connecting while on the go by using Kura-Kura Bus as it provides free onboard WiFi internet access. Kura-Kura Bus now offers faster onboard WiFi with Telkomsel 4G LTE, the fourth generation IP Based super-fast internet technology that makes data transfer faster and also more stable. Super speedy internet network 4G LTE can provide download and upload speeds 3x faster compared to previous generations like 3G, so uploading your Bali holiday pics is a breeze! 

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