Fun Trip to Ubud with Kura Kura Bus 2018.11.03

Happy weekend!

As the center of art in Bali, Ubud has its own charm to lure tourist all over the world. The atmosphere of the Balinese countryside and the beauty of natural scenery is one of them.

Kura Kura Bus Bali is a shuttle bus service that currently has 5 routes covering Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Sanur, and Ubud areas. Each route has its own LINE name, such as LINE 1 which covers the DFS - Nusa Dua - Jimbaran - Kuta - Legian. Kura Kura Bus terminal is situated at DFS (in the T-Galleria Mall area). Kura Kura Bus has 43 bus stops and all of them are located in famous tourist destinations. Also, the facilities inside the bus quite complete like AC, Free Wifi and Electric Points.


Today, we are going to Ubud and have a plan to use Kura Kura Bus because it’s cheaper than a taxi. We took the bus at DFS and ride the bus on LINE 5 (the LINE that connecting DFS - Sanur - Ubud) and we choose to get off at Puri Lukisan Museum.


As information, LINE 5 or Ubud Line is quite popular among tourists. If you plan to go to Ubud with Kura Kura Bus, it's a good idea to book the bus seat on their website here and make sure you have arranged your travel schedule so that you will not miss the buses.


Before we go to Ubud, we booked the seats first. The bus to Ubud from DFS departs at 9 am, every 2 hours, 4 times a day. We booked the bus at 9 am, the first bus to Ubud.

Puri Lukisan Museum is situated in Central Ubud and also close to Ubud Art Market. The bus stop itself is the fifth stop from DFS, around 1.5 - 2 hours drive. Far enough indeed, but because the condition of the bus is quite comfortable and the interesting sights along the way, we did not feel boring at all.

New Route Map April


After arrived at the Puri Lukisan Museum, we immediately get off from the bus and headed to Ubud Raya road. On Ubud Raya road, you will find many small shops that sell souvenirs, coffee shops, restaurants, and much more. Lotus Temple and Ubud Palace also not far from here.




Through the intersection, we saw several people practicing Balinese Dance. It seems like they are preparing for the show in the evening.

For your information, every night around the Ubud Raya road you will always find traditional or modern dance performances that are very interesting to watch!


After 5 minutes of walk, we arrived at Ubud Art Market. A market that sold a lot of Balinese handicrafts, especially from the village around and in Ubud. Just remember this is a market, so you need to bargain if you want to buy something!

art market

Satisfied walking around Ubud Art Market, time showed lunchtime. Well, the time flies so fast even though the weather was quite hot today.

It took us a long time to thinking because there are a lot of restaurant in Ubud and finally we decided to have lunch at NOMED, a restaurant with a traditional Balinese concept.





How to Buy The Ticket?

You can buy Kura Kura Bus ticket on their website or buy directly from their driver on the bus and also at their ticket booth at DFS, Beachwalk, and Seminyak Village.

It is also recommended that you download "Kura Kura Bus Mobile App" to know the bus location (live location), nearest bus stop from your position, and also the routes of the buses.

See you in Bali!

Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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