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Visiting Waterbom Bali was the best day for us because it is considered the Best Waterpark in Bali. There, we are welcomed by their representative officer; Ms. Levina. Ms. Levina herself is the Executive Sales of Waterbom Bali.  A very kind and friendly lady, she took us to walk around the area and explained every detail and all the important things we need to know about the Waterbom. After going around to see the environtment and athmosphere here, she let us to try all of the Attractions and Rider by ourselves. Here are our experience that we got from our visit to Waterbom Bali. Enjoy!


Waterbom Bali is a waterpark equipped with Rides for all ages, restaurant, pool bar, and other supporting facilities. Located in the center of Tourism area of Kuta, surely an easy place to reach. Waterbom itself has more than 15 favorite rides which were very exciting and pumped up our adrenaline.  But you don’t need to worry, all of the slides has international standard for both security and safety.


To all of you who likes chalenges and crazy about speed, you have to try the rides called CLIMAX, PIPELINE, MACARONI, and SMASHDOWN. There are general restrictions for these rides for safety concern but nothing to worry, there are other slower slides too for those seeking less thrilling adventure such as the GREEN VIPERS, JUNGLE RIDES, RACE TRACK, or CONSTRICTOR.



For the most favorite rides here are BOOMERANG, and next to it, there ‘s another one called SUPERBOWL which was also really fun. There are also PHYTON, a ride that you can enjoy with maximum 4 people. On this rides, you will feel the sensation of how does it feel like to be inside the body of phyton. 

The lazy river


If you feel tired after enjoyed the thrilling rides, maybe you need to calm down alittle bit. You can relax on the LAZY RIVER. Here you can go around a man made river with calm current.



For children, there is an area called FUNTASTIC, this area contain rides that is specifically designed for them, and this rides is constantly watched by staff who supervised and guard the safety of the children here. Usually, the children will happily waiting for a giant bucket that will be filled with water, then flipped over whe it’s full. On the other hand, there are some rides called EURO BUNGY, FLOW RIDER DOUBLE, and WATER BLASTER.


Apart from those fun water rides, the facility here are also completed with a few restaurants, locker rooms for safety storage your belongings, private gazebo, retail shop, poolbar, spa, and etc. For payment, they are using deposit system, so you just need to go to the counter provided, deposit your money, and then you will be given a bracelet which contains a barcode as your payment method. And later when you finish with all the activity, you can refund your remaining credit.

Waterbom Bali opens from 09:00 am until 18:00 pm And the ticket here using a ‘Day-Pass’ system, which means that you can go in and out at the same day as long as they still open. 

So, let’s go...! prepare your swimsuit or bikinis, this is the best place for your family and friends, especially for them who loves to swim, playing in the water, or just for pump up the adrenaline by trying all the rides provided.

Kura-Kura Bus

Kura-Kura Bus runs every day to Waterbom Bali, with Legian Line and every 35 minutes. Please visit our website of Kura2bus for bus information, route and time schedule.

Bali Super Pass

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Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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