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Ubud is a place that we always want to go back wherever we go. Why? Because it is not just a beautiful place but there are so many things that we can dig in Ubud. Ubud has so many things to offer, such as spa, arts, shopping, sports, food, yoga, and even books.

Furthermore, in Ubud you can travel as a backpacker or package tour. If you are backpackers, you will find lots of inexpensive hostels or hotels and transportations. Even if you are lucky, you will find an inexpensive villa! Isn’t it interesting?

Well then, here on our blog post, we will give you some tips to backpackers in Ubud.

Set Your Holiday

As a backpacker, you must think smart when to go to Ubud. For tourist, there will be two popular seasons. They are low season and high season. In low season, you will get a cheaper price for hotels or villas. Based on our experience, once we got a villa for only 290K IDR. They offered discount for that season. Normally, the rate around one million IDR per night!

What Can You Do in Ubud

After you scheduled your holiday, it is the time to think what to do in Ubud. In Ubud, there are many activities that you can do such as :

1. Taking Picture or Some Walk in Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk or Bukit Campuhan is a wonderful place to visit. You can take some photos of beautiful scenery, where the green grass is the background and also the coconut trees complete your captured. Besides, you can have jogging as there is a path that you can use to support your jogging activity. Furthermore, you can visit Pura Lebah before you reach Campuhan Ridge Walk. Pura Lebah is a sacred Hindus Temple which is located in the meeting of two rivers. Here, you can go down to the river and see the peaceful nature that will take your heart away.

2. Going to Pekak Library

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Do you love reading? If you do, here is the place where you can hide from the real world. There are lots of old books that might bring you down to your imagination. Here, you could also learn Bahasa and enjoy the café that they offer.

3. Spa After Busy Day

Enjoying spa in Ubud is really recommended for you. The fragrant of the aromatic spa that they offer will calm you and bring you in total relaxation, combined with the nature of Ubud which will make your holiday is perfect.

Enjoying spa in Ubud is really recommended for you. The fragrant of the aromatic spa that they offer will calm you and bring you in total relaxation, combined with the nature of Ubud which will make your holiday is perfect.

4. Museums

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There are many museums in Ubud that might find into your attraction, like The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana, Agung Rai Museum of Art, Museum Puri Lukisan, Puri Kelodan Ubud, Neka Art Museum, Arma Museum & Resort, Monkey Forest Ubud, Rudana Museum, Museum Le Mayeur, Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppets.

5. Arts

Ubud also fame because of its culture and arts. You can meet many local artists doing their work here. Also, you can see the dance performance which will be wrapped with amazing customs and great music. Furthermore, you can see wood carving and also sculpture. Besides, you can see their silver and stones collection that will make your heart melt away.

6. Shopping

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Ubud has art market that suitable with your budget. In the art market, you can see many wonderful things, from arts to food and beverages. It is not only your needs which will be fulfilled here, but also your eyes. In the art market, you will be welcome by the friendly local sellers which will be glad to help you to find what you need and also, you will be welcomed by colorful artworks which are perfect for your camera.

7. Culinary

Food and beverages are become one of “tour destination” nowadays, and Ubud has it also. You don’t have to be worry that your tummy will be “cry out” when you eat “unknown” food because in Ubud, there are many restaurants or food stall that will be “pampered” your tummy. What about the price? You do not need to be worry because it is affordable for backpackers.

Actually, there are still many activities that you can do in Ubud, such as go to Tegallang to do tracking in beautiful Padi Terrace or maybe doing rafting. You just need to go there and find the best activity that meets with your hobby.


There are many choices to go to Ubud. You can go there by motorbike, bus, rent a car or public transportation. Once you get off the flight, you can choose what transportation that might meet your need. If you prefer to go anywhere by yourself which will be lead by Google Maps, so I think rent bike is a good choice for you. But if you prefer to go by public transportation, it is also provided for you. To make sure that your transportation won’t make your wallet “cry”, always check the rate before you leave.

After you are ready with all of the stuff above, we think it is time for you to start your trips in Ubud as backpackers. Now, what about if you are doing package tour? When you are doing package tour, you only need to contact your agents as they will offer you many tour packaging with lower price too. And if it will be your first travel to Ubud Bali, I think tour guide will be much helpful for you.

There are many ways to enjoy Ubud, whether you want to do it as back packer or luxurious holiday, they have all of it. As Ubud is the heart of Bali. So that, Ubud is trying their best to protect its culture by giving you their best service in tourism and culture as well.

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