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What is Bali Super Pass?


Bali Super Pass is a ticket that allows you to enjoy 19 popular facilities, activities, spas (which you can see below) in Bali, includes 6 hours (for Half Day plan) or 10 hours (for Full Day plan) private charter car, and FREE 3 Day-Pass of Kura Kura Bus (all lines) for each paticipants as privilege.

In Bali Super Pass you can choose 22 pre-planned package which called Super Package plan or arrange your own plan based on your own preference and time.

19 popular facilities, activities, spas on Bali Super Pass divided into 4 categories according to their programs such as Theme Park, Activities, Spa and Others. To know more about those categories, you can read the summary we have made below:


Theme Park in Bali Super Pass is the best in Bali and you must have heard it before!

1. Bali Bird Park "Where Bird & People Meet"

bird park 2

Bali Bird Park has arguably the world's largest number of Indonesian bird species. Here, you can also see the magnificent Komodo Dragon, the only species in the world considered to survives the Jurassic period. A variety of birds live in a balinese vegetation settings and the park features many well-trained and uncage birds (which you can take photo with), making it a popular photography spot. Many people reviewed with astonishment and actually enjoyed it even more than they had imagined!

2. Bali Zoo "Animal Lovers Spot"


At Bali Zoo, you can come into contact with a great variety of animals. The zoo is home to Jackie, the zoo's popular orangutan, as well as 350 animals from across 75 tropical varieties. It also offers additional experiences for feedings the animals, riding an elephant (additional charges apply), taking a photo of yourself with a crocodile, tiger, and other animals. This is a must-see spot for animal-lovers! The Bali Zoo website features a profile of the animals, so we recommend checking them out before your visit!

3. Elephant Safari Park "Interact with the Elephants"


Bali's only theme park specializing in elephants, created for the protection of Sumatran elephants against the threat of extinction. The elephant park, located in Taro, has been designed by experts with great care to ensure that the elephants from Sumatra can enjoy a comfortable life in Bali. In addition to this, animal trainers and keepers have also come from Sumatra to look after them. The animals live in an environment that is close to their natural habitat, so here you are likely to meet lively elephants exhibiting their natural behavior.

Enjoy watching the elephants bathing vigorously in the lake, plus some acrobatic performances and art exhibitions. Enjoy getting very close to the elephants, ride on their backs (additional charges apply), feed them, touch them, and take photos with them!

4. Bali Safari & Marine Park "The Ultimate Safari Experience"

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Currently Bali's largest theme park complex. Hop on a safari bus to explore its vast site, featuring many animals living just as in the wild. Have a photo sessions with the animal as souvenir photos of yourself. Enjoy one of a kind animal shows and an unforgettable theatrical performance at the biggest indoor theatre in Bali.

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All activities in Bali Super Pass are selected based on safety and services provided so you can play as much as you like without worry!

1. Gold Island Beach Club "One Stop Beach Entertainment"

Gold Island Beach Club

Gold Island Beach Club is one stop beach entertainment with various water sport activities. Here, we prepare package consist of Banana boat ride, Snorkeling and Glass Bottom boat trip to Turtle Island that suitable for all ages and also fit for beginner to advanced swimmers. Children are welcome to join this tour too.

2. Ayung River Rafting "River Rapid Fun"

Ayung Rafting 5

Rafting in the Ayung River is a dynamic activity, where you will flow down the river, weaving through the Ubud Valley, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. The volume of water in the river is stable all year-round, with few water rapids, allowing you to have fun with great peace of mind. Led by professional guide, you will be given instructions regarding safety standards on how to paddle along the river, as you laugh, scream, and have an incredible adventure. Buffet lunch is available but please proceed to next activity for lunch.

3. Surfing Lesson on DEKOM Surf

DEKOM Surf Surfing Lesson

A popular surfing school managed by a Japanese person, priding itself on its fine Japanese hospitality. The lessons have been designed based on extensive research, aimed at teaching the joy of surfing to everyone, from beginners to experienced surfers. The school is well known for having many returning customers after just one lesson! Whether you are a man or woman, a child or elderly person (from 6 to 65 years old), whether you are on honeymoon or vacation, why not take the challenge of learning to surf in Bali—home to the best waves in the world! Here you are sure to discover a completely new way of having fun!

4. Waterbom "Bali's Best Waterpark"


Waterbom is a large pool amusement park, where you can enjoy a great variety of attractions, including Asia's top water slides. The park offers a wide range of activities, from vertical drop slides for thrill seekers, to flowing-water pools and fun kids' zones. Voted as the best waterpark in Bali, a visit to Waterbom is a must for every travellers on the island.

5. Finns Bali "Entertainment & Sports Hub"

Finns Strike Bali

The Finns Bali is a high-class sports place, located in the highly fashionable and popular area of Canggu. Finns Bali offers tickets that include use of the swimming pool, the Splash Water Park with pool-based activities, the Bounce Trampoline Center, the Strike Bowling Center and Beach Club. Here you are sure to find plenty of highly energetic activities for you to enjoy! Why not spend some energy as you soak up the great atmosphere of this tropical country.

6. Bali Ocean Walker "Experience the Underwater Life"

Bali Ocean Walker

The Ocean Walker is a popular activity in Bali, where visitors can dive to the bottom of the ocean, even while wearing glasses or contact lenses. Visitors wear underwater helmets, enabling them to have great fun exploring the bottom of the sea, whether they are beginner swimmers, non-swimmers, children, or elderly people. Get up close to corals, tropical fish, plus many more beautiful natural wonders that are truly unique to Bali.

7. Surf & Turf "The Surf Rider"

Surf & Turf

Surf and Turf is a complex featuring a water park and a beach club, located in a quiet inlet of Nusa Dua Bay. It features a swimming pool, restaurant and bar, water slides, canoeing, and snorkeling—a particularly popular spot for families. Among these activities, the one that we would like to highlight the most is Bali's first ever Surf Rider (wave rider). This activity features water rushing up a slope to create artificial waves, allowing riders to enjoy a similar experience as surfing in the sea. Why not challenge yourself to take on the waves?

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After you spending your day on Bali Super Pass activities, enjoy a relaxing spa is a must. Spa treatments almost availabe in all Bali Super Pass packages, including Short Day Plan packages.

1. Avenue Spa "Spirit of Harmony"

Avenue Spa

The Avenue Spa is in a great location, close to the center of Kuta, and at about 15 minutes from the airport. Enjoy a 120 minute treatment package, which includes an aromatic foot wash, an oil-based Balinese massage, and a Lulur scrub—a highly popular treatment in Bali. A perfect option for refreshing yourself before going out, relieving tiredness after a fun day out, or simply as a casual spa visit as you go through the town.

2. Everyday Spa

Everyday Spa

The Everyday Spa is the most popular among the town spas in Bali. Here you can simply step in to enjoy highly technical massages—a highly popular spot not only with tourists, but also among the foreign local residents. The spa is located in the center of Kuta, so one of the reasons for its great popularity is that it enables people to just pop in as they wander through the town. Why not take a 90-minute massage to relieve the tension on your feet?

3 .Halo Bali Spa "Aromatherapy Body Massage"

Halo Bali Spa

Halo Bali Spa is a large spa located along the main road of Bali, on the way to Sanur. The spa is highly regarded for its technical massages, with a clean interior that is bustling with tourists every day. We recommend visiting the spa on your way to Ubud, or to relieve tiredness on your way back.

4. Royal Balinese Spa


Royal Balinese Spa provides a variety of unique treatments of traditional Balinese Kingdom. You will be pampered from head to toe like a king and queen of Bali. The treatments itself is carried out by the therapist who has experience both within and outside the country. Royal Balinese Spa has any kinds of treatments, such as their Signature Balinese Massage, Shirodara, Bali Jamu Massage, Honeymooners Package, Ancient Balinese Treatment, Facial Hot Stone Dan Kids Spa.

5. Grand Inna Spa


Located on the white sandy beach of Kuta and Sanur with its beautiful sunsets (Kuta) and sunrise (Sanur), Grand Inna Spa offers direct access to the famous Kuta and Sanur Beach. With its refreshing concept, the spa has undergone a spectacular makeover to ensure guests’ complete comfort and convenience during treatment.

Besides being included in the Bali Super Pass package, spa on Grand Inna Spa can also be book separately by visiting this link.

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Bali Super Pass also offers other interesting destinations that you cannot miss, including:

1. Puri Lukisan Museum "The Palace of Paintings"

Puri Lukisan Museum

A museum located in the center of Ubud. Designed based on the concept of "The Palace of Paintings," this museum was established in 1956 by a Dutch painter and the Ubud Royal Palace. It is a highly popular spot, boasting a large number of famous artworks, dating from the pre-war era to the modern day. By admiring its great selection of paintings and sculptures—created using techniques of the Kamasan style, Batuan style, Ubud style, and more—you will be able to gain a deeper appreciation of Bali's history, culture, and lifestyle. As well as enjoying the amazing artworks, you can also take a gentle stroll around its gardens full of natural beauty, and even have a rest at the café overlooking the garden.

2. Tjampuhan Hotel "Bali Oldest Hotel"

Hotel Tjampuhan

The Tjampuhan Hotel is a legendary hotel with the longest history in Ubud. It was established in 1928, and is loved by many artists. Surrounded by a tranquil forest, this luxurious hotel allows visitors to enjoy beautiful views of Tjampuhan’s river and valley. The spa in the hotel offers a heated swimming pool, whirlpool bathtub, sauna, and steam room. From the restaurant's terrace seats, you can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the picturesque scenery. There is also a popular ridge walk (promenade) nearby called Bukit Cinta (The Love Hill).

3. GWK "A Unique Cultural Park"

gwk 8

GWK is located on a high ground in the Jimbaran area, and is based on the theme of "Global Cultural Exchanges."

At the park, you will be overwhelmed by the giant stone statue of Vishnu, straddled over the bird god Garuda. Here you can take part in a sembahyang (prayer) experience at a Hindu temple, watch a movie show about Hindu rites of passage, or view documents related to the transport of stone sculptures made in Java to Bali; and in the evenings, you can also enjoy some beautiful Bali dance performances.
Also, ride on a Segway (a two-wheeled, stand-on electric vehicle) and enjoy the surrounding natural scenery across the park—a slightly different way to go out for a stroll!

4. Upside Down World "Fun Trick-Eye House"

Upside Down World

Upside Down World Bali adds to the growing list of fun indoor activities on the island, where you can enter seven specially designed rooms whose décor and furniture are simply, and deliberately, the wrong way up. It is where you can enjoy a fun day out with your partner or friends and strike many whacky poses, only to end up as gravity-defying stunts in photos. Selfie sticks don’t really work here… but don’t worry, friendly staff are on standby to help you with shots. Among the most favourite theme rooms at Upside Down World Bali are the master bedroom, the kitchen and dining room, the laundry, and the 90-degrees ‘Balinese room’ which features ornate wooden carvings and antique furniture. This room is perfect for couples, who often share a slightly intimate pose, but silly nonetheless, where one sits on the sofa while holding a cup, and the other scales the wall ‘pouring’ from a teapot.

How to book?

Are you interested to experience Bali Super Pass? If you are, you can book Bali Super Pass through the official Bali Super Pass website on kura2bus.com. Please book 48 hours before activity date!

Whatever your choice, Bali Super Pass offers huge savings so you can experience Bali to the fullest!

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