Kecak Dance is an especially unique and possibly the most dramatic of all Balinese dances. The dance take its name from the “cak” sound that is repeated throughout and it is a combination of dance and drama, Kecak Dance depicts the Hindu epic “Ramayana” that tells the story of Prince Rama who with the help of monkey like Vanara defeats the evil King Ravana to his Princess Sita. The perfomance of this dance normally starts at 6.00 p.m. at Uluwatu Temple. By spending IDR 100,000 for the entrance fee of Kecak Dance you will be amazed by this unique Balinese dance, at the same time you also will enjoy the dramatic sunset of Uluwatu. Our 8 Best Things to Do in Bali 2018 is a top recommendation if you have a plan to visit “The Island of The God” soon. From family trip to adventures trip, enjoying beautiful sceneries to wonderful ma…
waterbom6 Review for Bali Super Pass  Visiting Waterbom Bali was the best day for us because it is considered the Best Waterpark in Bali. There, we are welcomed by their representative officer; Ms. Levina. Ms.…


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