8 Best Things to Do in Bali in 2018 2018.01.08

Our 8 Best Things to Do in Bali 2018 is a top recommendation if you have a plan to visit “The Island of The God” soon. From family trip to adventures trip, enjoying beautiful sceneries to wonderful marine life, from waterpark to zoo, Bali offers them all for your holiday. Below are the things you can do in 2018 for your unforgettable memories.

1. A Whole Day Play Games with Your Kids at Waterbom Bali

waterbom6photo by : Waterboom

We know that kids sometimes can get pretty cranky in the Bali heat, so cool them off with a day at this incredible waterpark. Not just another mediocre waterpark – Waterbom Bali is the waterpark number one in Asia and number 3 in the world! With 22 rides and attractions available, including a swimming pool with a swim up bar, whether you want to relax, eat and drink, or go absolutely crazy on all the fantastic rides, then Waterbom Bali has it all. When you are in Waterbom Bali, make sure to check out the lazy river! In the baking afternoon heat, there is nothing better than floating through the gorgeous park and enjoying the cool refreshing water the perfect opportunity to relax after all those heart stopping rides!

2. Meet Cheeky Monkeys at Ubud Monkey Forest

ubud (21)

The most entertaining/terrifying part of your visit will be watching greedy monkeys jumping on people who have smuggled in some food. Remember that monkeys are wild animals, and while all the monkeys in Monkey Forest are frequently screened for diseases such as rabies, a bite can ruin your holiday. In Bali, monkeys have considerable cultural significance, and in Balinese Hinduism they are thought to embody both positive and negative forces. As such, the Balinese both love and hate them. In any event, these monkeys are well-loved and protected.

3. Take a Day Trip to Nusa Penida

Lembongan_Island (8)

Nusa Penida is the largest out of three neighbouring islands; Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan, however Nusa Penida is actually not popular as Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan, due to this fact, it can be said that Nusa Penida still has limited infrastructures and resorts unlike its neighboring island, but it is important for us to know this untrampled beauty. What you can do and discover in this islands are visiting Broken Beach, local people called “Pasih Uug” often likened of Uluwatu, Broken Beach offers incredible sunset view you will ever witness in youf life. Not too far from Broken Beach, there lies a slice of beautiful gem that is only visible off a clif. Its estuarine water has a green tint to it and it’s something you must see for yourself to understand to understand its exceptional beauty. Not only visiting Angel’s Billabong but also visiting Crystal Bay is a must this tourist destination is also known to be the world’s leading and only place to observe the massive Mola-Mola.

4. Watch Kecak Dance while Enjoying Dramatic Sunset at Uluwatu Temple

uluwatu_temple (3)

Kecak Dance is an especially unique and possibly the most dramatic of all Balinese dances. The dance take its name from the “cak” sound that is repeated throughout and it is a combination of dance and drama, Kecak Dance depicts the Hindu epic “Ramayana” that tells the story of Prince Rama who with the help of monkey like Vanara defeats the evil King Ravana to his Princess Sita. The perfomance of this dance normally starts at 6.00 p.m. at Uluwatu Temple. By spending IDR 100,000 for the entrance fee of Kecak Dance you will be amazed by this unique Balinese dance, at the same time you also will enjoy the dramatic sunset of Uluwatu.

5. Go for a hidden waterfall in Gianyar (Kanto Lampo Waterfall)

39144710342_d1fa5ff6f3_ophoto by : Waka Hotels and Resorts

While the famous waterfalls in Bali located in Buleleng (northern part of Bali), now you can discover a hidden waterfall in Gianyar, Kanto Lampo Waterfall. The name of of Kanto Lampo is taken from the local name of tress that grow a round orange fruit around the area. You also can bring yout swimsuit and be ready to get wet. The terrain is one of the easiest of all waterfalls in Bali, so it’s also suitable for childen to visit. You can climb up the rocks on the waterfall to get pictures, but make sure your camera or phone is well covered.

6. Visit Turtle Conservation Bali


You can visit turtle conservation both in Serangan and Tanjung Benoa. The green turtle is one of the rare animals that protected by the Indonesian government. That’s why the aim of this conservation is to educate visitors regarding the various dangers that pollution and poaching can pose to the turtles and care for them before they are released back to their habitat.

7. East Coast Bali Diving

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAphoto by : Gold Island Beach Club

When you decided to have scuba diving on east coast of Bali, don’t miss a chance to dive in Padang Bai and Blue Lagoon. These areas give scuba divers great choice, from the calm waters of Blue Lagoon which is suitable for those trying diving for the first time. These dive sites are very popular with photographies due to depth and quality of the marine life. There is loads to see here from Napoleon wrasse, several kinds of reef shark, stone fish, morays, blue ribbon eels, nudibranches, rays, squid and octopus, leaf scorpion fish, and stargazers to name just a few.

8.Walking Around at Paddy Field


What a better idea walking around at paddy field and enjoy the fresh air during your walking. It is not hard to find paddy field in Bali, wherever you go you will find easily both small and large paddy field, however not all of paddy field in Bali you can visit and walk around as not all of paddy field in Bali is a tourist destination. The most famous paddy field in Bali is Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Jatiluwih Rice Terrace. Most of them are always visited by travelers to enjoy the spectacular view of paddy field.

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