7 Best Sushi & Sashimi Restaurants in Bali 2014.07.12

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Bali is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, offering some of the best seafood to be had. There is no shortage of fresh tuna, squid, octopus and lobster, meaning there are some great sushi and sashimi restaurants around. In this post we'll introduce you to some of the best restaurants on the island.

 Kunti 2 (Kuta)


Kunti 2 is located down Jl. Benesari, the small lane that connects Jl. Legian and Jl. Pantai Kuta, and is a popular hangout for Japanese surfers who stay in the surrounding guest houses and hotels.

The two-storey building offers separate seating options at the counter, at the tables and in the living room area on the first floor. The menu includes a "sushi set" or a "sashimi set" of hand-rolled sushi, sushi rolls, rice bowl dishes, grilled meat, noodles, and buckwheat.

Kunti 2 is an affordable restaurant where you can taste authentic Japanese food, as you would in Japan.

Price Range $
Address Jl. Benesari No.4, Kuta - Bali
Website Kunti 2

Sakanaya (Seminyak)


This restaurant is managed by the team behind Ryoshi, the very popular Japanese chain of restaurants in Bali. Sakanaya offers a delivery service, or dine in-house and enjoy fresh seafood including salmon and tuna that you can order by the gram

Favorite dishes include fish and chips, the sashimi platter, and tuna carpaccio.  There is also a Thai menu featuring raw spring rolls and pad thai noodles. The restaurant is popular among health-conscious foreigners and Japanese expats and visitors.


Price Range $
Address Jl. Sunset Road No. 77X, Kuta
Website Sakanaya Seafood Market

TAKE Restaurant (Kuta)


TAKE is a favorite with not only Japanese guests but also foreigners, with many residents even keeping their own bottle of shochu or sake at the restaurant. It is not the cheapest option around, making it a good place to splurge for a special occasion.

The food is consistently good and there are many options to choose from, such as sushi, sashimi, fusion rolls, nabe (like stew, for example sukiyaki), yakimono, yakiniku (grilled meat), don (bowl of rice with chicken and egg), menrui (noodles), otsumami (appetizers), and dessert.

The two-storey building offers counter, table and living room seating, and it's best to book in advance for a large group.


Price Range $$$
Address Jl. Patih Jelantik, Kuta Bali
Website TAKE Restaurant


 Sushi Tei   A Good Deal of Sushi

Sushi Tie is a popular chain restaurant with many outlets also in Surabaya and Jakarta. Located on Sunsest Road, it's suitable to go by car as there is a large parking area behind the restaurant.

It is particularly popular with local customers and besides the usual sushi menu on offer, you can also enjoy more creative dishes like various fusion rolls, bowls, noodles, or a la carte.

Price Range $$
Address Jl. Sunset Road No. 99 Bali

HANABI Restaurant (Nusa Dua)


HANABI is located in the relaxed Bali Collection shopping mall in Nusa Dua. Various seating is available and large groups can also be comfortably accommodated. The client base is roughly half Japanese and the other half foreigners, with many holidaymakers visiting from the large hotels nearby.

The menu includes authentic Japanese dishes like seafood salad, sushi, sashimi, rice bowls, and noodles. The price is about equal or slightly cheaper than restaurants in Japan. Our favorite are sushi rolls, miso, ramen, tendon (tempura on rice in a bowl) and Kimuchichige.


Price Range $$$
Address Bali Collection A No.6#2, Nusa Dua, Bali
Website HANABI Restaurant

Warung Yuris (Jimbaran)


This Japanese warung recently opened on Jl. Uluwatu 2 in Jimbaran, and is located on the ground floor of an apartment building for long-term residents.

Table seating is situated on the ground floor, or there is a banquet hall of tatami on the second floor that is recommended for larger groups. You can also read Japanese books and comic books, and watch popular Japanese TV shows. Warung Yuris is a comfortable place where you can make yourself feel at home.

The menu features sushi, sushi rolls, bowls, small bowls, and set meals. In addition, there is a table d'hote menu that includes pork cutlet on rice, and is reasonably priced compared to other restaurants.


Price Range $
Address Jl. Uluwatu 2, No.2, Jimbaran Kuta
Website Bali Yuris Apartment

Warung Sushi Qombi (Jimbaran / Denpasar)


With their head office in Denpasar, this is a locally managed sushi and Japanese restaurant that has recently opened a branch in Jimbaran. The restaurant is divided into smoking and non-smoking areas, with indoor and outdoor seating available for a total of around 20 people.

Sushi rolls, fusion rolls, sashimi salad, stir-fried noodles and Okonomiyaki of Hiroshima all feature on the menu.

The location is a little confusing as it's in a residential area, however it's a good spot to enjoy eating sushi at an affordable price and is popular with Japanese expats living in Bali.


Price Range $
Address Jimbaran Branch: Taman Griya, Jimbaran

Denpasar Branch: Jl. Teuku Umar No.255, Denpasar

Website Warung Sushi Qombi - Trip Advisor

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