Best 9 Cafe & Coffee Shops in Kuta 2015.03.18

In this blog post we introduce you to some of the best coffee shops and cafes in Kuta, all of which have been personally visited by us. Coffee-lovers have a choice of places to get their caffeine fix and a sweet treat in the Kuta area.

Bemo Corner Coffee Shop


Since opening last year, Bemo Corner has become a popular hangout due to the large cups of coffee and friendly service. The name refers to the intersection of Jl. Pantai Kuta and Jl. Legian, known as Bemo Corner.


Located about 10 minutes' walk from Kuta Beach, Bemo Corner offers coffee in three different sizes although even the medium size is enough for most. The friendly staff remember most regulars' names, and the menu has been extended to include nasi goreng, sandwiches and pancakes.

 Free WiFi: ○ Parking: car × bike ○ Price range: ★ ☆☆

 Website: Bemo Corner Coffee (Facebook)

 Tel: (0361) 755 305

Opening hours 8am - 10pm
Kura-Kura Bus Access 6 minutes' walk from J4 Hotel

Black House Burgers 


Black House Burgers was one of the first restaurants in Bali to offer burgers made with black buns. Although it may look a little odd, the trend has caught on and now many places offer this unique take on the original burger.

The restaurant is located near the famous Laota in Tuban, and is tucked down the side street that connects Jl. Raya Kuta with Sunset Road. It's the only proper restaurant among other local warungs, and therefore easy to find if you just know where to look!



Owned by a charming Malaysian couple it's not only black burgers on the menu here, you can also get Asian food such as curry and Chinese-style pasta. But if it's the unique black bun burger you want to try, then choose from beef, chicken or vegetarian.

Free WiFi: ○ Parking: ○ Price range: ★ ☆☆

Website: http: //

Tel: 0815 4723 3775

Opening hours 1pm - 10pm
Kura-Kura Bus Access 6-minute walk from the J4 Hotel

Bene Lane Cafe 

This may seem like another ordinary cafe but it's actually quite cosy and a good place to take a break from the madness of Poppies. Located on Bene Lane, the side street that connects Jl. Benesari and Jl. Melasti in Legian, the cafe has an open design and a relaxed atmosphere. Take a seat at the counter and watch the world go by!

The menu offers a choice of refreshments from milkshakes and fresh fruit juices to tea and coffee. Our recommendation is the soy latte or ice cafe latte - perfect on a hot summer's day. They also have sandwiches and dishes like nasi goreng if you're after more than just a drink, and the "Breakfast Burrito" is another favorite of ours.

Bene Lane Cafe is about 20 minutes' walk from popular Beachwalk Shopping Center.

Free WiFi: ○ Parking: ○ Price range: ★ ☆☆

Website: Bene Lane Cafe (Facebook)

Tel: (0361) 759 894

Opening hours 7am - 10pm

HQ Restaurant


Located on famous Kuta Beach, HQ Restaurant is more than just a restaurant... it's also a beach club and bar that's suitable for the whole family. The restaurant is annexed to the Grand Inna Kuta hotel, and has direct access on to the beach.


A big attraction at HQ is the sparkling swimming pool that overlooks the beach. Visitors may use the pool facilities (including sun lounger and towel) if you order a meal, so make sure to bring your bather if you plan on spending a couple of hours. There's also comfortable sofa seating in the restaurant when it gets too hot in the sun.

HQ is within walking distance from the popular Beachwalk shopping center, and is the perfect place to stop for a cold iced coffee or fruit juice on the way back to your hotel.

 Free WiFi: ○ Parking: ○ Price range: ★★ ☆

 Website: HQ Restaurant (Kura-Kura Guide)

 Tel: (0361) 846 6811

Opening hours 9am - 12am
Kura-Kura Bus Access 1-minute walk from Grand Inna Kuta

Cafe Dijon 


The Simpang Siur underpass is a large intersection located in Kuta that was built in 2012 to help alleviate traffic coming from various directions. Cafe Dijon is situated in a quiet business park on the corner of the intersection, making it easily accessible if coming from Jl. Raya Kuta.

There are two sides to Cafe Dijon, one being the cafe itself and the other being a retail outlet located just opposite. The shop has a small deli and sells many popular Western items as well as quality cheese, mustard and hummus. They also have a selection of health foods such as muesli and dried fruit.

The cafe offers standard coffee, tea and cake, as well as salads and sandwiches. The location is not far from DFS Galleria and Mal Bali Galleria for shopping enthusiasts.

 Free WiFi: ○ Parking: ○ Price range: ★★ ☆

 Website: Cafe Dijon (Kura-Kura Guide)

 Tel: (0361) 759 640

Opening hours 9am - 10pm
Kura-Kura Bus Access 5 minutes from DFS Bus Bay

The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier 


The Harvest Patissier and Chocolatier opened about a year ago on Sunset Road and has become one of the "it" places to go for decadent desserts and cakes in Bali. With over 20 outlets throughout Indonesia, this popular brand started in Jakarta and Surabaya.



The cool bakery offers a welcome break from the midday heat along Sunset Road, and the choices are endless. Cookies, cakes, macaroons and other sweet treats are all available, as well as sandwiches and salads for those after something more savory, and they also offer cakes for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

Free WiFi: ○ Parking: ○ Price range: ★★★

Website: The Harvest (Kura-Kura Guide)

Tel: (0361) 849 6488

Opening hours 10am - 11pm
Kura-Kura Bus Access 5 minutes' drive from DFS Bus Bay



Everyone knows Starbucks and in Bali there is no shortage of this famous brand. In Kuta alone, there are six shops! Although prices can be quite a bit more than the average local coffee shop, Starbucks continues to attract both international and domestic tourists.

Starbucks shops in Kuta:

○ Mall Bali Galleria
○ Discovery Shopping Mall
○ Lippo Mall Kuta ※ Kura-Kura bus stop
○ Legian 101 Hotel
○ Sunset Star
○ Beachwalk Shopping Center ※ Kura-Kura bus stop
○ Denpasar Airport (Domestic Terminal)


Drinks are available in three sizes, namely Small, Tall and Grande, and you can also get a "Starbucks Card" which offers discounts and other benefits.

Website: http: //

Gourmet Cafe at Dewi Sri 


Gourmet Cafe needs little introduction, with this cafe being the main branch and two other locations in Seminyak. It's popular with the expat crowd, particularly Europeans who might be after a taste from home.


Gourmet Cafe serves an all-day breakfast menu and you can create your own salads and sandwiches. Fresh juices to go are available and they also serve the best Illy regular and organic coffees and healing and herbal teas. 

Free WiFi: ○ Parking: ○ Price range: ★★★

Website: Gourmet Cafe (Kura-Kura Guide)

Tel: (0361) 894 7415

Opening hours 7am - 11pm
Kura-Kura Bus 10-minute walk from Ibis Styles Legian

Bali Bakery 


Bali Bakery is located near Kuta Central Parking and features a bakery and coffee shop. Opened in 1994, it's a long-established restaurant that is a popular meeting place for expats, locals and tourists.


Along with the usual baked treats like pastries and cakes they also offer an a la carte menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The salad bar is another favorite, where you can choose from more than 20 kinds of salads and appetizers. 

Free WiFi: ○ Parking: ○ Price range: ★★★

Website: Bali Bakery (Kura-Kura Guide)

Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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