Bali’s Saraswati, Pagerwesi and Tumpek Landep Ceremonies 2017.08.24




Hinduism in Bali believe that Saraswati is the day that The Almighty (God) blessed us with knowledge/wisdom with the purpose that mankind can conform him/herself to nature. The Saraswati Day celebrated by Balinese every 210 days or once in approximately 6 months, which always befall on Saturday. 

Saraswati manisfested in the form of a beautiful goddess with white dress (as a symbol of wisdom, free from sins), with 4 arms carrying musical instrument (music is the object/result of senses), holy bible (bible as the manifestation of knowledge), lotus (representing the magnificence) and sit atop a swan (swan can distinguish food in the mud, to separate good amongst evil) which considered one of the holy animal

The significance of celebrating this day is to honor knowledge and to be able to use it for the good of mankind. 



Pagerwesi Day is still in the celebration sequence of Saraswati, with 4 days succession of offerings consist of:

  1. 1.  Saturday is Saraswati day, the day God blessed human with wisdom and knowledge.
  2. DSC_6824
  3. 2.  Sunday (Banyu Pinaruh Day) is the day we (human) clean ourselves as the receiver of this knowledge, by literally clean ourselves in the ocean of holy springs, with the sole purpose that this wisdom can be properly passed onto us and transformed into our senses and reasoning.
  4. 002
  5. 3.  Monday (Soma Ribek Day) to celebrate God’s (in Bali, God is mentioned primarily as Ida Sang Hyang Widhi) grace for providing us with plenty of crops and fertile land to farm and to use the wisdom given to cultivate this land.
  6. IMG_3524
  7. 4. Tuesday (Sabuh Mas Day) is celebrated to remind human of their greed for wealth especially gold, silver, gems and other form of jewellery, as temptation and greed is the so called side-effect of wisdom.
  8. 5. Wednesday (Pager Wesi day) purpose is the day human fence themselves; representing persistence and strong will that the wisdom given is used in a proper way of Dharma (good). Pagerwesi day celebrated bigger than the rest of the succession but all of these celebration are equally important, none has lesser purpose than the others.

Tumpek Landep

Tumpek Landep celebration particularly celebrated to Sang Hyang Pasupati (The God of Weaponry) which also celebrated every 210 days (approximately every 6 months). Tumpeks are special days in Balinese calendar based on the ‘wewaran’ calculation and occur several times in a year whereas Landep literally means sharp.

Tumpek Landep is the manifestation of Balinese gratefulness for the knowledge and wisdom bestowed upon men, because by these, human are able to fully used their senses and mind in creating products that lead them to better life and happiness. 


Recently, Tumpek Landep is not only celebrated to ask for forgiveness and safety from everything sharp that created from our mind (such as keris, swords, knives, etc) but also to everything that our mind produce and used in our daily lives such as our motorized vehicles. It has also become a common practice in Bali that on this day, Balinese do rituals to their cars/motorbikes with the hope that when they use it, they are blessed with safety and comfort.

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