Bali’s Galungan & Kuningan Ceremonies, 23 October to 2 November 2013 2013.10.09


The 10-day period of Galungan is one of the most important religious ceremonies in Bali,  when the creator of the universe and the spirits of ancestors are honored.

It's a wonderful time to be visiting the island, as streets are lined with decorative bamboo "penjor" and local Balinese Hindus can be seen walking and driving to temple wearing their ceremony best, often carrying offerings of food and flowers.


The celebration is held roughly twice a year, every 210 days, when it is believed that the spirits of the ancestors visit the earth.
The height of the festivities is the traditional Barong dance through the streets, where the mythical beast is invited into villagers' homes to restore the balance of good and evil.


Ten days later, Kuningan marks the end of Galungan and the return of all the gods and ancestors to their own realm. Special offerings of yellow rice are made as a gesture of thanks and farewell to the spirits.

It's not unusual for road blocks to be set up outside village temples during this period, and many restaurants and shops may even close as workers head back to their ancestral homes.

Galungan and Kuningan takes place between 23 October 2013 and 2 November 2013 this year and it's a great opportunity to observe Bali's fascinating culture first hand that shouldn't be missed.

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