Balinese Theatre @ Ayodya Resort Bali 2016.07.20


Ayodya Resort Bali is located in Nusa Dua area, it is at BTDC Nusa Dua, this 5 stars Resort is situated only 13 km from the Ngurah Rai International Airport and close to shopping center, Bali Collection Nusa Dua.  Ayodya Resort Bali is a pretty tropical resort that evokes the elegance and magical of Ayodya Kingdom.  

We were excited to experience the most unique dinner at Balinese Theatre, Ayodya Resort Bali. An opened amphitheater for buffet dinner, we were so amazed when entering the restaurant area. There was a magnificent outdoor stage which is designed by using Balinese architecture. Tables were settled nicely just below the stage. All of the guests were greeted by friendly staffs that will show your table and serve all of your needs deftly. 



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Before the show begins, you will be accompanied to food booths which are already served. On the right side of stage, it serves appetizers and desserts. For the appetizer there are some fresh salads available in which you can choose or mix at your own. 

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On the left side of stage, there is food booth for main course. Specialty serving for Indonesian traditional cuisine, served by Ayodya Resort Bali culinary team. This is a perfect chance to try Indonesian’s cuisine if you never try it before. Starting from fresh salads with its sauce, then try satay with its smoked meat.

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Don't forget to try sweet Balinese dessert - colorful Balinese cakes, and fresh fruit.

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Ayodya Resort Bali  is a romantic place with 5 stars service. At 20:30 the show begins, it starts with Shaman Dance, traditional dance from Aceh which is popular with fast rhythmic movements. You will be amazed with its fast and accuracy body movements. 


The dance that is impressed our attention is Berburu Dance which is originated from Papua where you will invite to interact to do some dancing and they will teach you how to do body movements of this dance. We were really exciting in following each of body movements that were being taught and we dance together in joy. 


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The show that has already been waited by visitors begun, Fire Dance. Fire Dance performed with little bit different from others as the fire dance in Ayodya Bali Resort involved the female dancers so the nuance would be more dramatic. With a perfect body movements how to do the fire dance itself, this Fire Dance can hypnotize all of visitors. And finally all of visitors were entertained by this performance.
Note : don’t try this at home without guidance from professional hands.

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At the end of performance, the guests will have chance to take some pictures with the dancer. This can be considered as the perfect memory to bring back home. Pretty awesome!

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Balinese Theatre is a must thing to join for those who stay in Ayodya Bali Resort and even for those who are not staying in Ayodya Bali Resort you can try this special package in which you will feel the real of Indonesian's culture and the traditional cuisine itself.

How to get there 

Ayodya Bali Resort is the third bus stop in Nusa Dua Line, located in luxurious complex area, surrounding with 5 stars International hotels. Kura-kura Bus is a public shuttle bus that operates every day in famous tourist spots in Bali. 

Nusa Dua Line is starting from DFS Bus Bay in Kuta, the fare is Rp. 50,000/person for single trip (kids below 2 years old can share their seat with their parents, and free of charge).  




Monday =Fire Dance

Wednesday = Legong Dance

Saturday = Kecak Dandce

at 7:30pm

Price Adult : Rp. 375,000 / Child Rp. 187,000
Address Jl. Pantai Mengiat, Nusa Dua Bali
Tel +62(361)771102
Facebook Ayodya Resort Bali

Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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