Bali Zoo – Concept of Love 2017.10.16

Bali Zoo concept of Love, Conserve and Share derived from the ongoing crisis against the sea-turtle. It is widely known that the Sea Turtle is one of the longest-living creature on Earth and with high percentage of mortality from infantry to adulthood, this creature are becoming rare and on the brink of extinction and in dire needs of conservation to ensure their long-lasting survival.


Sea Turtle is unfortunately not the only species with the high risk of extinction. Other animals such are found to be in the same case, such as as Elephant with its ongoing conflict against human. This majestic creature to some, has long been considered a pest, as farmers expand their cultivation for more crops and reducing their habitats in the process. Kampung Sumatra is Bali Zoo’s way of preserving this animal by providing them a place where we can interact and grace this animal and knowing that some part of our entrance goes to the conservation of turtles or the Elephants.



The concepts of share is to increase awareness to others by periodically held conference, meetings, study groups and inviting local communities to expand their awareness with the current problems, especially those directly affecting animal welfare. The increasing trends of endangered animals are direct repercussion of human exploration, and our constant consumption to natural resources directly affected to the many extinct animals in the last century. Ensuring more people understand the current situation is paramount for a better future, especially the younger generation as they will be the person directly influenced in the future.

Bali Zoo campaign for these animals illustrates how important it is for us to care and most importantly act together, as extinction for these animals means an irreversible process. Our responsibility to conserve this animal for our future generation so they can also enjoy and live together with these animals.

Check out some of our images of Bali Zoo below.



Additional Note:

Bali Zoo is our 3rd and 12th stop for famous Ubud Line. Hop on to our Ubud Line for Rp. 80,000 per person (one way) or a Rp. 120,000 per person (return and valid for 7 days from purchase). For frequent user, super saver of 3 day pass and 7 day pass are available for purchase at Kura-Kura Booth in T Galleria DFS store, BeachWalk or Seminyak Square.


10% discounts for online purchase is available at our official website of and valid until certain period only.

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