Bali Swing – Waltzing Through the Sky 2018.08.21


Bali Swing, located in the village of Bongkasa is a local establishment, some 5 km from Ubud. Around 2 hours’ drive (in peak hours) is required to visit this place, and best to combine with Ubud Tour as visitors will drive pass areas with green scenery (paddy field and a cool mountain view). On a good day, the areas offer traditional village views and a good place to get away from the traffic-ridden of South Bali.

The Swing itself located overlooking a green valley with river down below. Around 12 swings are available at the moment and more to come; all strategically perched high to create a memorable and for some, a short burst of adrenaline rush. They are quite safe with net at the bottom, and each activity last around 2minutes or so. Don’t worry, you can always queue back for more if you are not satisfied or walk down around the river areas /waterfall and enjoy a cool air, with lunch (usually included in the package) is served.


Due to the popularity of the program however, as more and more visitors are coming, it is best to actually come a little bit earlier (the establishment opens at 8). It usually gets busier as the days goes by, reaching its peak around 11-2 pm when visitors from Ubud or south Bali started to flock; the line gets longer and quite considerable time is required.


The swing itself is just one of the activity provided as the establishment also offers other services such as Rafting, Volkswagen village tour and e-bike. Imagine yourself on a raft, criss-crossing the green gorge, enjoying a cool mist and passing through natural scenery, or through the countryside in the back of an open-air Volkswagen. Better yet, if you keen to have some exercise, the e-bike is probable the best option as you will be pedalling (assisted by the electronic mechanism) with less effort. Bicycle becomes a leisure sport as you can focus solely on the beautiful and charming countryside views around you.

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We will be more than happy to assist you to arrange transportation, activities and packages which includes any of the above.

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