Bali Retreats Experiences 2017.04.25

Having a Bali vacation with the same things can make you bored. The trendiness of Bali retreats nowadays make travelers come to Bali and join the retreats for their own purposes whether it is for their hobbies or just personalities. From wellness to dance retreats, these packages trying to fulfill the travelers need especially for those who do to have the common Bali trip.

Here are Bali retreats experiences that you can have during your trip in this beautiful island:

1. Yoga and Meditation Retreat 

Yoga and meditation retreat are the most prominent retreats in Bali that travelers often do. There is an abundance yoga and meditation retreats can be found easily in Ubud area and it's no surprise you can visit the worldwide name of retreats here. The most popular yoga retreat in Bali probably the Yoga Barn, but others yoga retreats around Ubud are also great. Usually, the travelers who take yoga package they often put meditation retreat at the same time or separate day. A private course of yoga or meditation retreats are also available in case you wish to concentrate on your yoga practicing and do want to be disturbed by strangers.  

2. Spa Retreats 

Not only yoga and meditation retreats becoming popular for travelers but also the spa retreat. What a nice option offered for those who wish to indulge themselves, come up with the relaxation after the stressful day and in fact this retreat is most wanted by women and honeymooners. A spa retreat normally combined with accommodation, meals, body treatments and daily yoga. Sometimes, the package combined by a raw food program, then you should be ready with your new fruit juice diet and similar. One of the best place to have a spa retreat is at Como Shambala Estate Ubud that is not only a serene spot to take in a soothing massage, but also a center of healing, balance and detoxification. Absolutely great!

3. Surfing Retreats

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As a home of great waves to do surfing for beginners till professionals, surfing retreats are still being a favorite for surfers for both men or women. A typical of surfing retreats normally offered by including accommodation, meals, surf lessons, and other activities. The popular surfing retreats for women are the surf Goddes Retreats and Mind Body Soul Surf Bali that are located in Seminyak area. A lifestyle retreat is also available in Canggu area, The Chillhouse that is dedicated to surfing with a bit of a laid-back vibe.

4. Music Retreat 

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Retreat does not mean that you come up in peaceful feeling at all, even music is also other great options for those who are interested in musically escape from your busy life. One of the great option for music retreat is at Bali Mountain Retreat. You don't need to become a famous musician or songwriter to join the music retreat but at least you have your own deeper interest of music and love it very much you can join the program. They provide a variety of music workshops from guitarist for all levels, the art of song writings, till the introduction to Balinese music in which automatically it will give you deep understanding about traditional Balinese instruments.

5. Dance retreat 

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The clubs in Bali are not the only place to move your body while enjoying the music. If you are a dancer or dance enthusiast, this retreat can be your great option. One thing you should know before doing a dance retreat in Bali is the dance usually combined with spiritual practices, it means chants sometimes are involved during practice. The most popular dance retreat in Bali is at Collena Shakti Bali Retreat if you wish learning the Indian dance and beyond. Other great place is at Bali Dance retreat if you wish to learn the sacred dance in Bali. Surely this kind of retreat will give you space of great beauty and tenderness.

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