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Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)

Bali's only international airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport, is also confusingly referred to as Denpasar Airport even though it's not located in Denpasar. The airport is in fact situated 13 km from Denpasar in the district of Tuban, just south of Kuta.

Extensive renovations were completed in 2013 and the airport has now been transformed into an international terminal with a Balinese design and unique roof that resembles a white wave. The airport is beautiful inside too, and is something that the island can truly be proud of.

What's at the airport?

The new International terminal is an impressive three-storey structure. The first floor is for arrivals and the middle second floor offers shops, bars, restaurants and money exchange facilities. The spacious third floor is where international departures are located, along with numerous restaurants and shops.


First floor: International Arrivals

If you're flying in to Bali from overseas, this is where you will be arriving. The new airy  arrivals floor offers free WiFi so you can connect to the internet as soon as you land and get in touch with friends and family to let them know you've arrived safely.

The Indonesian government is considering a new visa-free policy for tourists from 45 countries, however as of April 2015 this change has not yet been implemented. Until such time, the process is to go to the "VOA" counter once you've landed to pay for a "Visa On Arrival" (USD 35 per person). After obtaining  your visa, simply follow the procedure outlined below.

Procedure from arrivals until exiting the airport



Baggage arrivals

Baggage security check

Customs counter (fill out a customs declaration form here)

Go through "Nothing to declare" or "Items to declare" passage

Exit through the first floor of the arrival gate

Pass through the duty-free shopping area (the only way out!)

Exit the arrivals gate where you can meet your driver/friends/family

▼ after clearing customs, passengers may head out of the departures hall


 ▼ First floor exit near the gate. The gate can be seen on the right-hand side, with drivers and tour guides waiting outside.


At International arrivals there are several cafes and shops open to the general public where you can get a bite to eat or a coffee while you wait for passengers to exit the arrivals hall.

Facilities inside the gate (available only to passengers)

 · Currency exchange

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Facilities outside the gate (available to all)

· 24-hour local restaurant
· Coffee shop
· Minimart
· Duty-free area (mainly drinks and snacks)
· Airport taxi counter

April 2015 : No need for departure/arrival cards!

Good news! As from 1 April 2015 passengers are no longer required to complete departure/arrival cards. This is a move from Immigration that is sure to be welcomed by those who can never find a pen and those who always manage to lose their departure cards.

Access to and from the airport - Resort Areas

Access from the airport to Bali's popular resort areas is usually by car (either taxi or private driver) as there is no monorail or public shuttle bus as in other Asian cities. There is a dedicated taxi counter at the arrivals floor where the fares are fixed. Alternatively you can head out of the building and try and get a metered taxi, such as Blue Bird.

 ▼ Airport taxi counter. Set fares are determined by the area you wish to go to.


 Driving time from the airport

· Kuta, Legian : 5-10 minutes
· Seminyak : 15-30 minutes
· Jimbaran : 15-30 minutes
· Nusa Dua : 30 - 40 minutes
· Ubud : 60 - 80 minutes

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Third floor: International Departures

For all international departures from Bali, head to the third floor. Here the shopping is very impressive, with luxury brands like Gucci, Burberry and Marc Jacobs all now available. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants to grab a bite to eat before your flight.


 ▼ Newly opened Bintang bar at International departures where you can buy Bintang merchandise and beer


 ▼ Cafes and restaurants are found both inside and outside the gate


Facilities inside the gate (available only to passengers)

· Duty-free area (alcohol, fragrances, cosmetics, accessories etc.)
· Coffee shops, cafes & restaurants
· Book shop (Moleskin stockist)
· Surf shop (Quicksilver, Roxy, Surfer Girl etc.)
· Apple retail outlet (accessories, chargers etc.)
· Premier Lounge
· Minimart

Facilities outside the gate (available to all)

· Bintang Bar
· Coffee shop
· Fresh juice shop
· Bali grocery stores
· Surf shop

 ▼ Duty-free area located after immigration. This is the only way out of the building!


 ▼ Air-conditioned cafe after the duty-free area where you can charge your devices


▼ Resort wear brands like By the Sea and Roxy & Surfer Girl sold here


March 2015: Airport tax (departure tax) no longer applied!

Up until recently, all passengers flying out of Bali on international flights had to pay a departure tax of Rp. 200,000 each. However as of March 2015, this charge is now included in the price of your flight.

So how is it?

With fast WiFi connection, useful facilities, world-class shopping and beautiful clean rest rooms, the new international airport in Bali is set to impress even the most experienced world traveler.

 ▼ Lovely light and airy, and most importantly, clean restrooms in the new international airport


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