Bali Events Calendar : June 2018 2018.06.05

Following on our blog series, in this month we will provide information and important events happening in and around Bali during the month of June 2018.

1. Tenganan Festival (7th - 8th June)


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Tenganan Festival is an annual tradition and it takes place in Tenganan Village. This festival is also known as Perang Pandan’ or 'mekare-kare'.

In this festival, male villagers will perform "1 vs 1" duel rituals using rattan shields and a handful of prickly pandan leaves in the prepared arenas located in the center of the village. This ritual is dedicated to the god of war and the sky in Hinduism, Lord Indra.

In the arena, the brave men will alternately pair up to "fight" each other, and then "rub" each other's bodies with sharp spikes of pandan leaves. Surprisingly, each participant showed no pain. The wound is only treated with a herb, a mixture of turmeric and vinegar, and miraculous, those wounds will dry out in minutes.

In addition to the "war", you can also enjoy delicious traditional pastries that are sold in village stalls or shopping for intricate handcrafts such as wood carvings and masks produced by villagers, or even buy traditional ‘gringsing’ cloth.

Location Tenganan Village, Manggis, Karangasem Regency, Bali
Time 7 June - 8 June from 9AM - 5PM

2. Kuningan (9th June)


Kuningan day is celebrated every 210 days, ten days after Galungan and it marks the end of Galungan festival. The Balinese believe that Kuningan day is the day when their ancestors return to heaven after visiting the earth during Galungan celebration. They make offerings to be given to the ancestors on their farewell day. The offerings include yellowed rice (Kuningan is derived from the word 'kuning' which means yellow) which is placed in a small "bowl" made of coconut leaves. Other common offering seeds, fish, and fruits. The yellow rice is the symbol of human's gratitude towards God for all the life, joy, wealth, health and prosperity given. The bowls are decorated with a small figure of shadow puppets which represents angels that bring joy and wealth to earth.

It is also said that on Kuningan day Ida Sang Hyang Widhi (God) is blessing and giving prosperity to the whole world. Many people believe that the celebration should be done before noon, before gods and goddess return to the heavens to continue their asceticism.

Read more: Kuningan Ceremony

3. Mekotek Ritual (9th June)


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Mekotek is a tradition from Munggu Village which is held every 6 months, 10 days after Galungan, at the feast of Kuningan day. Mekotek ritual is held with the aim of asking for salvation. Mekotek is an ancestral heritage that was carried out from generation to generation.

Previously, Mekotek was to greet the Mengwi Kingdom warriors who came with a victory over the Blambangan Kingdom in Java and later became a tradition until now. In 1915, Mekotek was once stopped, because the Dutch fear there will be rebellion. However, there was an epidemic so Mekotek was re-implemented.

This tradition is deployed with a wooden pulette stick that has been peeled and the length is about 2 - 3,5 meters. Before the ritual begins, the participants will perform prayers and thanks for the plantation results. After that, all the participants will be divided into groups of 50 people each and they will march to the water source in Munggu Village with the stick. Along the way, the wooden sticks that are carried will be pitted over the air forming a pyramid. The participants who have the guts will rise to the top of the group of wooden sticks and will give command to the group. The command given by the person at the top of the stick is crashing into a group of sticks belonging to another group.

Mekotek ritual is also accompanied by ‘gamelan’ to encourage the participants.

Location Munggu Village, Mengwi, Badung Regency, Bali
Time 9 June from 9AM - 2PM

4. Bali Arts Festival (23rd - 21st July)


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Bali Arts Festival or Pesta Kesenian Bali is an annual agenda of Bali Government, which serves as a forum for activities and creativity of artists in the effort to support government programs in terms of excavation, preservation, and development of Balinese artistic values.

This festival will be held for a whole month and will be opened with art parade from all regions in Bali and some of the provinces in Indonesia even from abroad. The best dance, music, and art expression will be here.

In this festival, you can see or watch artwork from artists throughout Bali such as dance drama (Sendratari), Modern Balinese theater, Photography Workshop, culinary festival, and musical performances. There will also be exciting competitions such as documentary film competitions, handicraft competitions, literary writing, painting, photography competitions, and more. Parades and processions will also be presented including Gong Kebyar Parade, Topeng Panca Parade, Nglawang Parade, Arja Dramatari Parade, Wayang Kulit Parade, Joged Bumbung Parade, Gong Drama Parade, and many more. Literally, the whole of Bali will gather in 1 place to present the dance, music and the beauty of arts.

Bali Arts Festival 2018 will be held from 23 June 2018 to 21 July 2018, at Taman Budaya - Art Center in Denpasar.

Location Jl. Nusa Indah No.1, Denpasar Timur, Panjer, Denpasar, Bali
Time 23 June - 21 July from 11AM - 10PM



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