Bali Events Calendar: January 2018 2018.01.02

One of the best things about going on holiday in Bali is that there's bound to be a ceremony taking place while you are visiting. For many tourists, this is one of the highlights of their trip that offers a unique insight into the local culture.

Religious ceremonies are based on the Balinese calendar which rotates every 210 days, and much time is spent preparing offerings for all the various ceremonies that take place throughout the year.

In this series of blog posts, we will introduce you to the various events and ceremonies taking place each month, and hopefully one (or maybe even more) will be happening during your stay on the Island of Gods.

And this month we take a look at the important events happening in and around Bali during the month of January 2018.

1. Purnama ( 1 & 31 January 201)


Purnama, or full moon in Bali is a special day for Balinese (Hindus) people to worship the Sanghyang Candra, and Sanghyang Ketu as the god of brilliance to implore the perfection and the sacred light of Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa in various forms of Ista Dewata. Hundreds of temples all over the island will celebrate this special day hosting splendid ceremonies. Hindus believe that Purnama is a propitious day when Gods descend to the earth and give their blessing.

2. Siwaratri ( 15 January 2018)


Siwarâtri or Nigh of Shiva means a night of holy devotions or a night of smelting sin. Siwarâtri comes from the words of Shiva and Râtri. Shiva in Sanskrit means kindhearted, forgiving, giving hope and happiness and also Shiva can be interpreted as a title or honorable name for one of God's manifestations given the name or title of honor of Lord Shiva, in his function as a ruler to attain sanctity or consciousness the self that gives hope to happiness. While Râtri means night, which can be interpreted also as darkness. So Siwarâtri can be interpreted as an evil night or a fuselage of darkness in self and heart to go to a brighter path.

During this Siwarâtri ceremony most of Hindu peoples will going to the temple for praying and they will also doing three kinds of brata which famous as “Brata Siwaratri” i.e. Jagra (staying awake all night long), Upawasa (fasting), and Monabrata (silence/mediating)

3. Tilem ( 16 January 2018 )


Tilem, or dark moon in Bali is a special day for Balinese (Hindu) peoples to worship the God Surya. The ceremony are mostly held in every major temple and family shrines around the island of Bali. Hindus believe in this Tilem day has the virtue in purifying themselves and functioning as a fuser of all the negative energy contained in human beings, as well as pleading salvation to Hyang Widhi.

4. Tumpek Kandang ( 20 January 2018)

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Tumpek Kandang is a sacred ceremony for Balinese (Hindus) people to honours animals such as slaughtered animals and pets. The essence of this day is to worship of God, Sang Hyang Siwa Pasupati which called Rare Angon, the shepherd of the creature. Based on this quotes, it is clear that Balinese (Hindus) people worshiped God, not worshiped animals, as well as the plants, weapons, gamelan and so on.

The meaning of the Tumpek Kandang itself is to teach the great love to the whole creation of God and that teaches nature to appreciate not only to fellow human beings but also to the animals, plants and all of his creations. Because in Hinduism there is a mandate to maintain the harmony of life with all beings and the universe. In addition to Hinduism believes that all beings have a soul that comes from God.

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