Bali Events Calendar: February 2018 2018.02.06

Following on from our blog post series, in this month we will provide information and important events happening in and around Bali during the month of February 2018.

1. Tilem (15 February 2018)


Tilem, or dark moon in Bali is a special day for Balinese (Hindu) peoples to worship the God of Sun (Betara Surya). The ceremony are mostly held in every major temple and family shrines around the island of Bali. Hindus believe in this Tilem day has the virtue in purifying themselves and functioning as a fuser of all the negative energy contained in human beings, as well as pleading salvation to Hyang Widhi.

2. Tumpek Wayang (24 February 2018)

tumpek wayang

Tumpek Wayang is one of the holy days Tumpek in Bali which celebrated every 6 months. On this day held ceremonies relating to the arts, especially shadow puppets (wayang kulit) by making offerings to the God of Weather (Betara Iswara). The puppeteers (dalang) around Bali will take the wayang out from their case and will be placed in a position as if a shadow puppet show is being performed. The aim is when the puppeteers performing arts are always protected and the arts are sustainable, fun to watch and be splendid.

3. Chinese New Year (16 February 2018)


Apart from the majority of Balinese Hindus, the Chinese New Year celebration in Bali is also celebrated royally. The Chinese New Year traditions in Bali even already melded with the Balinese culture. Many Balinese elements like penjor or canang which commonly used as a means to worship the gods for Hindus is also used by Chinese people in Bali. For them who are hereditary living in Bali, Balinese culture seems have attached to them.

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