Bali Events Calendar : February 2016 2016.01.18

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Following on from our blog post series, this month we take a look at the important events happening in and around Bali during the month of February.

1. Galungan (10 February 2016)


Galungan is the second-most important Balinese celebration (after Nyepi or "Silent Day") and takes place twice a year, usually in February and again in September. The 10-day holiday celebrates the victory of good over and evil and marks the time when ancestral spirits visit the Earth.

If you're in Bali over Galungan you'll notice long, curved bamboo poles known as penjorplaced along the side of the road. There will also be many ceremonies taking place so it's a wonderful time to be visiting to experience the local culture.

2. Batukaru Temple Piodalan Anniversary (11 February 2016)


As mentioned in our previous post last month, a piodalan ceremony mark's a temple's anniversary and is one of the biggest ceremonies that will be held during the year.

Pura Luhur Batukaru (or Batukaru Temple) is located in the lush and cool Central Bali, in the shade of the island's second highest mountain, Gunung Batukau. The temple is usually lovely and quiet, however over piodalan it will be a hive of activity with local Balinese Hindus from the surrounding areas coming to celebrate the temple's anniversary.

3. Kuningan (20 February 2016)


Ten days after Galungan, Kuningan marks the end of Galungan and the return of all the gods and ancestors to their own realm. Special offerings of yellow rice are made as a gesture of thanks and farewell to the spirits.

The Kuningan celebrations are most significant at Sakenan Temple on Serangan Island near Sanur. Kuningan also happens to fall on the same day as the temple's own anniversary, so expect to see hundreds of devotees coming to celebrate piodalan.

Many of the temple ceremonies are held over the Galungan period which is held every 210 days (according to the Balinese calendar). All of the upcoming ceremonies can be seen in the Balinese calendar at the front of the temple's entrance.

4. Sakenan Temple Piodalan Anniversary (20 February 2016)

 sakenan temple

One of the biggest piodalan ceremonies can be seen at Sakenan Temple on Serangan Island, just 10 km south of Denpasar.

Several traditional dances are also performed during the height of the celebrations, usually over the Kuningan weekend. These range from Barong dances to various Tari Topeng or mask dances.

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