Talk Story with Rio Waida on Pro Santa Cruz 2018 by Oakley 2018.06.02

This is my first trip to Portugal / Lisbon Airport. I went to Portugal / Lisbon direct from the previous surfing events in the island of Sumatra via Jakarta and Dubai without going back to Bali. This whole day trip was very tough with the long transit in Dubai but the excitement of visiting Portugal kept my spirit high.


Arriving at Lisbon, we had to wait for almost 2 hours due to our lost luggage problem. Finally, I could get my surfboards but one of my surfboards was broken. And my luggage was not found on that day, and we had to head to the competition beach without my luggage. Actually, it was big stress and I hoped no bad impact to my surfing.

Portugal climate was much colder than my expectation; It was terribly cold for me and I lost my wetsuits with my luggage on the airplane.



But with the great support by local people, I could borrow wetsuits and get into the water and joined the surf competition.

The result of the tournament: 33rd.

The condition was extraordinary (difficult) with strong wind and the strong sea current. I was unable to dig into the top regrettably but this was a very important experience for my surf career, in addition I got the good relationship with top surfers, especially those from Brazil.



They are the current world's top leading surfers and they travel around the world to compete in surfing’s major events. I strongly felt that I learned many things from them and felt that we Indonesian surfer must study and follow them.

6 7

Even with all the difficulties in losing my suitcase, I had to continue making efforts every day so I can become an athlete who can give result despite all the obstacles like world’s top surfers who I met in this trip. And I thank everyone who supports me continuously.

PS: The suitcase was sent to Dubai because the airline actually stuck a different name tag in the check-in counter in Jakarta (Airport). Finally, I could get back my luggage in Dubai airport during the transit time to Bali. My attempt to find my suitcase was hampered by the different name on the suitcase, therefore it was almost impossible to claim it unless it is cleared. I had to actually wait because the airline had to make sure nobody claim this suitcase.

However, next to the disaster, there is always great kindness and support of everyone around us.

Again I thank to the people who support and help and advise me always. I know I can’t survive only by myself.

I will keep trying my best.

Rio Waida

Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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