7 Useful Applications During Your Holiday in Bali 2016.11.30

On our today's post we will explore the useful applications during your holiday in Bali. This can make your holiday a lot easier and comfortable as they serve what you needs. Do not want to get wrong direction? Google Map has you covered. Want to know how much is the local currency in one dollar? XE Currency is your answer. Next, you can easily check your Kura Kura Bus location in a real time by using Kura Kura Bus application so it makes easy to plan on where to go. There are very 7 useful applications during your holiday in Bali. 

1. Tripadvisor 


Tripadvisor is the world's largest travel site that has a huge database worldwide with the real reviews and pictures  from customers about hotels, activites, restaurants and so on. This application is very useful for you if you do not have any idea on where to go, stay or what to do in Bali. In addition, Tripadvisor also provides the best selection of hotels, activities or even restaurants based on the rating that given by customers and has a number of supporting features starting from flight information, and places of interest in Bali. You only need to filter the city or place that you want to visit and everything will be shown on what you are looking for. 

2. Air BnB


Traveling cheap is always good. Thru this application you can find more than a thousand cheap accommodations in Bali from basic to 5 stars villas. This application is almost used with the people who have their travel on budget and Air BnB often has their shocking deals for Bali guestshouses. The benefit by using this application is you can also know the owner of guesthouse which booked and send her/his a short message regarding its address. 

3. Google Translate 


Even Bali is a popular destination over the world but not all of Balinese can speak English or other language. They normally master in Balinese language and national language, Bahasa Indonesia so Google Translate is always useful for your communication. Just type the word in your own language and it will pop out in the language that you need to know. With their new function you can also scan the word with your camera phone and finally it will be translated! This application also provides you how to pronounce the word correctly, very useful! 

4. Kura-Kura Bus Application 


It's really easy to get around Bali by using Kura-Kura Bus application! This application will help you to check your public shuttle bus's location in a real time to make you easier planning your Bali trip. The application completed with the current time schedule and important updates that might affect the bus service such as delays due to over volumes of traffic or road closures. Kura-Kura Bus application is FREE downloaded in the App Store (for IOS) or Google Play (for Android) then you only need to search "Kura-Kura Bus" and get ready to explore the beauty of Bali!  

5. Google Maps


Google Maps can be considered as the best travel partner during your holiday. This application shows your location accurately as well as where you want to go. Simple thing to do is you only need to type the address or place you want go to and it will show you the way that can be reached by walking or car on how long it will take to get there. By using this application you do not need to worry to get lost anymore. 

6. XE Converter


When you are on your Bali holiday, you might check and want to know how much rupiah in one dollar is. By using Ex Converter application you can easily know what your money is worth in a different country. You can also access live exchange rates on the go or calculate prices on your smartphone or tablet. This application is FREE downloaded and available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Firefox OS devices. 

7. Sky Scanner 


When you want to find the cheap tickets from Bali to your new destination, Sky Scanner is the best application! It will show you all of the cheap tickets from your departure and your destination. It will provide you different airlines, stopovers and other flights information you need will be given. When you book your flight ticket thru Sky Scanner they will link you directly to the airline so there is no hidden charges and additional fees. Then you get the cheapest flights every time!

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