7 Best Surf Spots in Bali 2015.11.30

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Bali is paradise for surfers due to there being a different type of wave to suit almost everyone throughout the year. Ranging from small waves for beginners that are perfect to learn on to more powerful big waves for professionals, Bali is sure to satisfy most surfers.

In this blog post we explore some of the more popular surf spots, but there are many other "secret spots" (well, they used to be) that offer fantastic surf too.

 1. Uluwatu


Uluwatu is located on the southern tip of the island and is famous for its beautiful cliffs and holy temple. But it also has world-class waves that attracts surfers from around the globe and many international contests are also held here.

Other waves in the surrounding area include Padang-Padang, Blue Point, Suluban, Bingin, Balangan, Impossible and many more; the most famous being Padang-Padang where at certain times waves can reach a height of 8 m and is known for its long barrel waves.

2. Keramas


Keramas Beach in Gianyar Regency is located approximately 2 hours from Kuta. Simply head to Sanur and follow Jl. Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra to the popular Komune Beach Club which is located at Keramas Beach.

Not inferior to Uluwatu, Keramas is also one of the spots visited by professional surfers who come to Bali and consistent waves means  international surf contest are  held at this East Coast beach. 

3. Kuta


Kuta Beach is world-famous not only for relaxing and watching sunset with a beer, but also for surfing. The beach is popular with both locals and tourists, and many surf schools have their lessons here.

The most crowded beaches in Bali have many surf spots, from small waves for beginners to world-class waves for the more experienced riders. Surf breaks along Kuta Beach include Halfway, Padma and Kuta Reef.

4. Canggu


Canggu Beach is located not far from Kuta, in the village of Canggu which is actually part of the North Kuta sub district, Badung regency. It's about 30 minutes' drive from Kuta beach, past lush rice fields and scenic country landscapes.

Canggu has become quite the "it" place to hang out, not only for the surf but also for the number of cool cafes, restaurants and bars in the area. A wide range of accommodation is also available in the surrounding areas, so visitors tend to stay longer than just a few days.

The waves around Canggu are more suitable for experienced surfers who understand strong currents and rips, however beginners can have some fun at nearby Batu Bolong Beach.

5. Serangan

Serangan Beach is located in the conservation area of Serangan Island, near Sanur. Access to the beach is along a rather bumpy road that can be quite challenging, especially during the wet season, but it's worth the drive once you get to the beach.

Also known as Turtle Island, Serangan offers long, powerful waves that attracts surfers from around the world, particularly those from Japan.

Serangan works in the wet season, when there is usually no surf at Kuta or Canggu. As the beach is protected by rocks, waves are rarely affected by the wind.

6. Medewi

Medewi Beach is located in Jembrana District on the West Coast and about three hours from Kuta. It's a great spot to get away from the crowds in the south and chill out in a small coastal village.

The rocky beach is known for its long waves and is a popular choice for longboarders. The best waves are in the morning, so get there early to enjoy the best Medewi has to offer.

7. Balian

Balian Beach is also located on the West Coast, before Medewi. It lies on the border of Jembrana and Tabanan regencies, about two hours from Kuta.

The beach is almost the same as Medewi, with a laidback atmosphere and just a couple of local warungs and basic accommodation, but it remains a favorite for surfers from all over the world.

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