5 Popular Night Markets in Bali 2017.05.29

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Strolling around at night in Bali can always be fun but a night life experience is not only coming from bars and clubs, visiting night market is also a must for all travelers who are looking for a thrill. This is a nice idea where it gives you a feeling like you are part of the day life of the locals, seeing how they live, bargaining like they do, eating what they eat and discover local products that are not found in your country. Surely this will make you live an unforgettable experience.
Here is a list of 5 popular night markets in Bali to explore:

1. Kuta Night Market 

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Kuta area always has so much fun things to do especially at night. This area seems never sleep from the hustle bustle of the city as well as the Kuta Night Market that always attracts the travelers to come. Kuta Night Market is mostly visited by food hunters as this night market offers an endless variety of local cuisine. Once you visit this night market for your culinary adventure don't miss strolling around to find some nice Bali souvenirs to bring back home range from clothes, bracelets, unique key chains and other affordable souvenirs.

2. Sanur Night Market 

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If Kuta Night Market offers an endless culinary adventure, Sanur Night Market offers a very exotic Balinese experience where you can connect to friendly locals, sits together with them while enjoying the meals as this market is a mixture of locals and tourists, till you can watch how your ordered food being made. This night market is separated into two where in one side there are wares you would generally see in the most markets and streets, and the other side opens for food stalls. Food prices here are extremely cheap, range from IDR 10.000 - IDR 25.000 for non-seafood menus.

3. Badung & Kumbasari Night Market 


Badung Market and Kumbasari Market are formed into the biggest and oldest traditional market in Bali that opens 24 hours a day. It's no surprisingly this market always looks busy all the time even at night. This night market offers an interesting shopping options if you wish you could have an attractively priced at Bali souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelries, till fabrics you can find here. As it opens 24 hours a day, you can come at any time but for night market it opens from 18:00. In addition, this night market also provides the local daily needs i.e. fruits, meats, vegetables, fish and all sell in fresh options.

4. Kereneng Night Market 

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Other popular night markets in Bali is the Kereneng Night Market. This night market is situated in the city of Denpasar that opens from 06:00 p.m. - 02:00 a.m. and being the second largest market in Denpasar after Badung Market. There are more than a hundred of sellers who sell a variety of wares here from kid toys, groceries, fresh topical fruits, daily needs, traditional kitchen utensil and many more. The food stalls are also easy to find in each side of this market, the most-wanted food here is the suckling pig or "Babi Guling" but other menus are also available in case you don't eat pork i.e. chicken satay, beef soup or locals called "Soto Sapi", fried rice, and other delicious local dishes.

5. Gianyar Night Market 

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The last but not least, another popular night market in Bali is the Gianyar Night Market. This night market is the biggest traditional market in Gianyar and mostly visited by travelers who stay in Ubud. You can find everything in this market from fruits, vegetables, meats, bags, shoes, gadget, flower, delicious Balinese dishes and many more at cheap price so don't forget to bring a bag with you to carry all of the stuff you buy during your visit because there are plenty interesting things will tease you.

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