5 Awesome Bali Souvenirs You Have to Bring Home 2016.03.07


What a vacation without local souvenirs? Your holiday will not be complete if you do not give your friends, families, or relatives some local souvenirs, in giving the local souvenirs, you might be confused which souvenirs you will give.

This is will be your hardest homework in finding awesome souvenirs and suitable gifts to bring back home. When we talk about souvenirs, we will try hard to get awesome souvenirs that is not easy to find.

Take a look of our “5 Awesome Bali Souvenir” below for your reference:  

1. Bali Mask  


Looks so scary?

This is will be the most unique souvenir for you if you bring this back home. From the picture we know it is Bali mask, several of us know Balinese often use mask when they will have religious dance, but we never know This beautiful Balinese masks are made not just as an important tool in the staging of mask dance but also a precious souvenirs for your journey in Bali.

2. Bintang T-Shirts 


“Bintang”, it is local brand for beer. You don’t need to find it hard as it easy to find Bintang T-Shirt everywhere you go you especially in  traditional markets.  The T-shirt looks very simple but you can buy this t-shirt in Bali only. So, don’t miss it ! 

3. Sarong 

Eleganga2 (2) (Large)

The name might sounds strange but that is just how Balinese people call their  multifunction fabric. Of course, it can be used as a bathing suit cover-up,  but try it as a skirt, a dress, or a shawl on cooler days.  Many people use it as table covers, baby slings, beach mats, or wall hangings. 

The uses are endless, right? so be creative and have fun with one (or more) sarong. 

4. Bali Spa Sets


Spa in Bali is unforgettable, want to repeat that experience at home, and share with your friends? Almost of art markets sell spa sets. You can find various body scrubs, body butter, spa oil, aromatherapy soap, aromatic candles and many more.

They come in wide range of scents such as rose, jasmine, lavender, green tea, sandalwood, coffee and many more. Authentic Bali spa sets are also favored among Indonesian. You will make impression to your loved one if you give them this Bali Spa sets so they can try Bali Spa even they are not in Bali. That’s cool!

5. Aromatic Incense Stick 


Bali is not only the “Island of God”, it is also the “Island of Aromatic”. When you are enter Bali temples, you will smell the fragrance aromatic of incense stick. For several people, this smell can make them peaceful. 

The incense stick are handmade using all natural ingredients exotic blends of tropical scents, heaven sent blooms of Frangipani, fragrant Cempaka flowers, zest of  lemongrass, sacred earthy musk of sandalwood, sweet wild honey and spices collected from the mountains blended with love to enhance your feeling of bliss, relief, happiness and peace.  So why not to give the incense stick to your friends ?

P/S : Above souvenirs you can get in traditional art market (Ubud Art Market or Kuta Art Market) 

Ubud Art Market.

ubud (23) (Large)

Take the fourth bus stop on the Ubud Line, We will have a stop at Ubud Central Parking. You will get Ubud Market by walking within 5 minutes.    

Kuta Art Market.

1-パサール19 (Large)

Take the third bus stop in Kuta Line, it is at Kuta Paradiso Hotel. It is located between Kuta Beach and Jl. Kartika Plaza, directly next to the Kuta Art Market, making it an ideal stop for shopping and the beach.

Kura-Kura Bus Bali


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